Nowhere To Run Against Gearing – World of Warships

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Fun game in the Gearing where a friendlies play opens up a unique opportunity. Hope you have a wonderful day and IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Destroyer Gearing Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Good Morning, Notser. Love your content. Very informative and inspiring.. Keep up the Great Work ! Thanks so much for your Experience

    • As regards the friendly Shima ; as Jingles is fond of saying ” If it’s Stupid and it works , It’s not stupid.”


  3. Have to check my gearing Build later

  4. Akyamarukh Pirau

    Wait till Mogador show up…..

  5. Hey notsir What is ur choice between fletcher torp and gearing’s one on Gearing?

    • Well I may not be Notser but I went with the original torps for a bigger punch and because you’re not likely to hit any thing with torps past 10km.

  6. cv ranked?! no ty

  7. I’m glad Gearing is still rocking it!

  8. Damn now i gotta grind for Gearing

  9. So when you say “shallow” what you actually mean is “short range?”

  10. I think every t10 dd must have the same consumables as grozovoi, dds really need it

  11. J10 – autograph line??

  12. Notser have you played the sims much? it has pretty good AA for a tier 7 destroyer.

  13. Kitakaze to the Gearing: “I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me!”

  14. Nathan Hartanto

    If it’s stupid but it works, it’s still stupid but it still works.

  15. Every single ship is shit when a half decent cv is in the game and even full aa builds dont change that so i abandoned the game maybe if they actually fix the cvs its worth a try again but its wargaming and their balance department only runs on vodka so thats unlikely to happen

  16. As always, so satisfying to watch someone else do what I could never. Lol.

  17. Beautiful Gearing play! Great torps! Great logical thinking! ????
    =>> Overall, this should be a textbook example of how a DD in WoWs should be playing! ??
    -> Being aware of what is your role in a match. It’s NEVER abt dealing a lot of dmg ( unless u r a harugumo ?) , it’s ALWAYS abt spotting ppl, guarding an area, capping, and helping others to shine. ?I very much enjoy playing DD bc of this reason❤️
    P.S: ( This is a lil negative/subjective opinion, so pls stop reading if you just want my main point which was above)

    I dont think this video demonstrates any difference against CV with this AA build. Their CV weren’t focusing you in all of the encounters!!!!! The aircrafts were just flying by you while focusing on a different target. Try having a Midway committed to HE-drop you while you try juking around like a soon-to-be deadfish ??? with the hope that ur full AA build will save you, and then BOOM ? ☄️???, 10k health gone just like your freaking hope that DD still matters in this meta . . . IMO, DD should never attempt an AA build bc it doesn’t matter anyway to a same/or higher tier CV ( just like trying to have IHFE for your 127 mm gun and then cry in regret). If CV can get thru the AA of an AA-full-spec cruisers, then a DD’s full spec AA means nothing to them. How do I know? I tried playing a Gearing full AA, I tried playing a Desmoine full AA, and I tried playing the Lexington in a t10 match. So far, only Worcester and Mino full AA spec can completely stop a full squadron. Other than that, nothing else ??? ( BFT still a great skill )

  18. LOL GG, master class DD play and clearly shows that 1 CV per match is workable for both sides.

  19. I’ve been telling the dramatic people to calm down CVs aren’t gonna ruin the game. However, lately I just haven’t enjoyed the game. I really hope WG does something quickly.

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