Obligatory CV Eagle Eye Game – World of Warships

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Here is a match that plays till the very last few seconds. I might not have made all the right calls but at least I pulled my weight.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. have a good year flambass….
    keep going

  2. Boke Flying Simulations

    Great work Flambino.

  3. another great video, and showing of experience, focusing on one flank to secure the game instea dof tryign to make that BB in the corner happy

  4. Seattle was AFK early in the game, then he woke up and lost them the game. Had he stayed AFK they would have had a better chance winning lmao.

    • CruisingForMermaids

      @Arisudev That would be the majority of the players (<50% WR).

    • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

      At least the AFK Henri parked near Flambino so he could provide AA.

    • The Seattle did get 2 kills though, so he at least managed to finish off 2 of Flambass’ teammates. There’s a chance that those 2 kills bought his team at least some more time.

    • @Tobias Reinhold they were way ahead on points they didn’t need that time, if they’d had a competent player instead of that afker they would have probably stomped flambass’ team way harder so not even Flambass would have saved em. Not to number shame too hard but the guy has a 40.9% win rate, anything below 47 or so you need to be really bad (on reasonable amounts of games played anyway, sub 2,5k or so you cant rly make any claims), anything under 44-45 you are actively making your team lose more often than not, 40 is wild low, you’d almost need to try to lose to get that low

    • @Tobias Reinhold 2 kills with score that low means he’s only killing ships that are already going to die anyway. WR below 43% means he’s not only bad, but actively making his team lose. Not even someone who afk 100% of the time can get WR that low.

  5. This should go in a Game of Throws episode

  6. that Thunderer on your team was pretty good

  7. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    The enemy Seattle was compensation for your Henri.

  8. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    Playerbase watchin this vid: CV gameplay is so overpowered. /// Wargaming watchin this vid: CV fighters are not useful enough.

  9. thanks for the vid 🙂 very entertaining watch/game 🙂

  10. the amount of damage he did surpassed the amount of credits he made lmao

  11. Can confirm that Louisiana doesn’t have a ton of hard winter weather, usually, but we’ve been getting some extreme weather the last 3 years and our summer weather gets to 100+ Fahrenheit for multiple months on end. So not necessarily what I’d call golf season but to each their own lol.

  12. That was a nail biter at the end. Damn. Excellent game as always

  13. “Funny” how a player pushes alone deep into enemy waters and starts spamming the “I need AA support”. Then starts to curse the CV as if that’s the CV one and only holy mission to provide fighter support for one single player. Fighter support is a temp.solution anyways.

  14. You’re surprised about the Seattle, he was 100%, he nothing until the end, then died. hence 400 XP

  15. 15:40 Fun delievered! Nice run btw, holy crap

  16. damn.. that looked like a lunch break not a hard-fought game..

    But i ain’t gonna lie.. i do hate them CVs now that AA is effectively useless.

  17. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Flambass, dude, I wanna see you take the mighty Clubson out. I was very impressed with your Emerald match a while back, please do MORE low tier stuff for shits & giggles, a big TYIA.!!

  18. impressive, but I wanted to see the United States kill him at the end because Flambass losing it is always more entertaining… lol great game

  19. So with Eagle being able to snipe united states that really does make audacious the worst British CV.

    Thing is furious can snipe ranger, implacable for all its faults can still citadel and snipe lexington with carpet bombers.

    Eagle can just whale on US with its carpet bombers.

    But audacious bombs just shatter on midways deck.

    Clearly midway is the peak of us CVs when facing the brits.

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