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Which signals are the most popular? What is more important: speed, or repair costs?

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  1. Oh she waved my flag!

  2. the after battle cost is just way too high for T8~T10 without a permanent camo. without the IB flag, we will loss like additional 20k+ credit, more if u shoot a lot

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I agree with you. The cost is even more expensive if you replenish your camo & consumables with credits. For non-premium players, playing T8-T10 barely yield any real benefits other than being on the top tier.

    • i use the discount flag on all T9-T10 ships…even when its most efficient on T10 but i got LOADS of it (more than 1000).
      u can lose money on bad T8 games but if u do well u will earn. on T10 its harder and u need to do very well.
      doing dmg AND taking dmg is good for your income as there is no repair cost anymore

    • That is totally true, I don’t think I can even touch the new us cruiser line, 5 consumable per battle, while each cost 22500 to reload, (the free one simply takes too long to cd), this means at least about 400K credit is spent each battle. and without a money printer or musashi, this amount is still too much (at least for me to grind for, because getting better ship cost a lot as well)

    • well i REALLY hope they let us buy consumables in bulk like in WoT…where i bought 1000 repair kits on discount, making them cost effective.
      u can choose to buy consumables 1 by 1 on all your ships and then remove them to get some on discount, but thats REALLY not time efficient.
      at the cost of around 11000 credits, they are actually not too expensive to run.
      i dont use ONLY prem comsumables though…only repair party and sometimes dmg con on high tiers…sometimes radar too.
      i do have ALL T9 prem ships though so income is massive, but i never paid anything for them.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah using premium dmg con & repair party at high tier is mandatory. However they add 45k credits to service cost. So yeah it’s kinda dragging.

  3. Only thing off the charts is Alena’s beauty

  4. Wow, those tops videos are reeeally booring.

  5. All hands on deeck

  6. Tony Weisenburger

    it’s evidence, that the post battle maintenance cost is probably too damn high (insert Samuel L. Jackson voice)

  7. “Juliet” not “Juliette”
    But nvm

  8. She does not hold a candle to my Dasha!!

  9. What’s Next best Distance travelled??? Best LOADING TIME??

  10. Alena looking off the charts, as always

  11. So, so hot!

  12. World of Warships Official Channel

    What about you?
    Which signals do you use the most?:)

  13. Anyone else get lost in those eyes midway through the video?

  14. You get some more often and/or cheaper than others… ussually you mount what you got. Hence this top 5 doesn’t really tell you what captains would prefere to hoist but just don’t have available or find to expensive to buy.

  15. I mean a win in my udaloi, with 2 kills, 60K damage dealt and solo capped once with 1.5K base XP (top XP, other team just fell apart quick), I still lost 20K credits so ya know, why are the Devs surprised about that flag being the most used?

  16. Alena and Dasha commanders PLEASE!!!

  17. D_E_T_O_N_A_T_I_O_N
    you get the point

  18. No +50% xp flag wtf

  19. Its a poor list .. you control the flags.. i dont have all the flags all the time so i use what i have..
    the best flag was not even on your list .. SIERRA MIKE.. speed booster go go go..

  20. lame video. find a better topic to speak about

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