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Who inflicted the biggest amound of damage among the battleships and carriers in 2017?

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  1. Hey people

  2. Sell missouri no musashi

    • Francisco DeTonne The meaning of the original comment is commented with the intention to sell Missouri to make a fair purchase even to new users. The grammar structure was a mess because I was drunk!

    • i like the Musashi its a T9 Yamato and thats already enough to know lol

    • Pretty much this. – It’s a T9 Yamato. Until CV’s become prevalent in high tier, it’ll be one of the most OP ships in the game imo – as its AA is its only weakness.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      JJsMuvieHole don’t forget the horrid turret traverse and a free number of citadels hits if you make a wrong move whereas others can go away more or less safely

    • Have to disagree on some of that. Turret traverse is slow… but you just play with that in mind. Some of the best players recommend taking advantage of faster reloading modules and slowing them even more. The guns and armor easily make up for it. Free citadels? That’s any ship. Nothing specific about this one. In fact most get citadelled easier.

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    2 US CVs in the list? Wot m8 And the Yamato….the most armor in the game yes but the most squishy of all the high tier BB too

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      That hotel can nuke everything from >20km should the shells hit regardless of the target’s angle. Also it is Kurfurst that has most armor, Yamato is 2nd.

    • Cao Sơn Nguyễn

      Somebody did not watch yuro’s video

    • Yamato, for me, isn’t totally weak. Most Izumo drivers can agree. However, I think these ship ranking videos are trying to excuse the questionable balancing in the game.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      The cv was obvious and a joke As for Yamato, is a fact Sure you play carefully and is awesome but the facts are there Where everyone has no skill underwater citadel or just a bit over waterline, the Yamato is the squishy epitome That is not bad, that is awesome actually because it requires skill But you know, sometimes it feels bad to see how is the only Tier X BB that can get nuked by doing an error while the others, specially the Conqueror, don’t care about the skill playing and they can just stay full side without much problem

    • @Sir Raint I have watched as my Yamato shells ricochet off a Moskva and many other targets, I can prove it too.

  4. No Conqueror for the most damage ? Hell yeah this ship is totally no brain….

    • Alex Quantum well, you see the average conqueror player is incredibly inept at using their ship and the hakuryu ends up losing to the midway because more planes? Idk i’m not too familiar with carrier play

    • Paper ships will almost always triumph over real ships. Why? Because paper ships are almost always too good to be true, which is why they remained as paper. Also because chances are that they were implemented later.

      Ships implemented later are almost always better than ships implemented earlier (or at the start). Why? Power creep.

      The sad truth of Wargaming products… and don’t get me started on premium ships (or tanks for that matter).

    • They still need more data for Conqueror, so yamato is the best.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      You are completely right. However keep in mind the “super heal” does not save her at all times. Concentrated fire & torpedo strikes still nullify the said heal due to her overall crumpet armor. Also the lack of armor does not compensate her maneuverability (Montana, GK, Republique are faster. Yamato is slightly slower than Conqueror).

    • Hexaion it requires a brain if you use AP in it 😃

  5. WG: That’s why we nerf Midway.

    • You cv players ruin battles

    • Roy Guthrie you drop kick. Got any proof for your facts or just bitching? On paper ain’t the same as in game. Conq is only good against players who sail in straight lines

    • Conqueror 10 Battleship U.K. 278 335 51.18 % 0.89 102 778 1 734 1.31 2
      République 10 Battleship France 71 240 52.26 % 1.09 98 070 1 767 1.54 2.13
      Yamato 10 Battleship Japan 1 667 794 49.66 % 0.86 86 918 1 659 1.55 1.54
      Großer Kurfürst 10 Battleship Germany 1 023 003 50.8 % 0.95 84 023 1 545 1.76 1.66
      Montana 10 Battleship U.S.A. 1 493 872 49.3 % 0.9 80 108 1 607 2.16 1.67

    • These are all-time stats, WG announced stats for the year 2017. Got it?

    • the salt is real. if you dont have enough skill to counter us then pls uninstall

  6. I would like to carry her

  7. were are British carriers i feel like the only thing WG does is put out more premium ships 🙁 ;_;

  8. Why cant we have a third sexy russian host

  9. Please give more credits bonus to premium ships (all of them),this game is incredibly boring to play because in most casses with ships of t9 and t10 you lose more then you gain,and to play with lower tiers is not giving enought credits.This is a massive drawback in this game.
    Probably WG will even ignore this message because they don`t want people to have more ships into their port spending a decent time to gain them(Grinding for XP is already a pain,why do you make us spend weeks for enought credits,so stupid).REMOVE COST OR INCREASE CREDITS,NOT ALL GOT MISSOURI AND NOT ALL ARE VETERAN PLAYERS!

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Just get a ship which you can do your best in damage. Preferably tier 6 & 7 ships. However since the income is based on damage dealt: your ship’s hp ratio, cruisers & destroyers are more recommended than battleships.

    • erik theflyingdutchman ahhh excuse me but have you played tier X ranked??there is plenty of morons with tier X ships!!

    • You can play t9-10 without premium if it gets tough run A t5-6 aswell ez

    • The bonus is way too small,they need to have like 30-40% to at least feel like you are earning for the time you play.They already messed up with Conqueror,because of them ranked is difficult since most Conqueror players stay all the way in the back and use HE and since he is not using his heals cruisers and DDs are the ones getting punished.

    • with t2 w/o premium I make 100k,with t7 w/o premium I make 100k,but game last way longer.Per hour I make more with t2 then with t7.

  10. Wait people play aircraft carriers XD

    • Cardiv 5 Zuikaku

      oliver kesic of course, they also should be given award for taking care of “endangered species”

  11. First Alena is cute, I think WoWs is hiring a family relative or something… “World” of Warships implies there could be spokespersons from other countries. I would love to see spokesmodels from Asia, Germany, France, UK and of course the USA. Also I think you should hire me as fashion consultant… High waisted jeans and an off the shoulder shirt is ok, but nothing special. Consider 1940s style clothing for our spokes models, it would speak to the WW II history. /shrug — Yamato is #1? Inconceivable! ~ Goldain

  12. Miguel Angelo Rego

    Alena or Aleona??

  13. Yamato has the heaviest armor in the game? Really WG?

  14. BB: T10 is best ships. *ends in 5 seconds*

  15. Anh Viet Nguyen Google

    sexy shoulder

  16. What else do you need for a Battleship to get top spot? A Wave Motion Cannon of course.

  17. Thank you for the news lovely lady

  18. Um did they just say Yamato has the most armour in the game?

  19. 2:04

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