Off The Charts: Top 2017 Cruisers & Destroyers [World of Warships]

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More statistics from Alena Ermolaeva! Which cruisers and destroyers were the best damagers in 2017?

Can you take a wild guess at which ships were the most popular? Which dealt the most damage? Who were the rising stars, and who were left to rust in port?
Find out in video series ‘Off The Charts’, where we dive into statistics and data. with series’ host – Alena Ermolaeva!

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  1. Is this the moment I’m supposte to type “First”?

  2. Henry doesnt have the biggest cruiser guns. Graf Spee has the biggest (i guess those are technically Battleship guns but Graf Spee is a cruiser in the game)

    • Francisco DeTonne You cant say that 380mm was big for a battleship of that time. Every battleship built around the same time or after the Bismarck class that i can think of (besides KGV class) has either same or higher caliber guns. As you probably know there are BBs built 20 years earlier with bigger guns than the bismarck class

    • Francisco DeTonne

      *Clearly* if there is something bigger than something else, that something else isn’t big

    • Francisco DeTonne of course 380 mm is big itself but when compared to other guns of that time it isnt. Nothing else to say about that

    • 380mm was prettymuch the standar in Europe. Everyone used that caliber for their battleships. The brits started, the germans followed, then french and italian jumped onto that caliber aswell. The only ones that used 406mm were the US and Japan. Yeah i know the brits had the Nelson-Class with their 406mm guns but those were kinda bad. Most capital ships from the brits used 380mm, the only exception i can think of beeing the Nelson and KGV classes. (apart from the WW1 designs)

      Also Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were Battleships. They were build as battleships, used as battleships, classed as battleships and the word battleship has been carved into the gravestones for their crew. Sooo i think thats pretty strong evidence for battleship.

    • Besides, correct me if I’m wrong but I think Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were always supposed to be refitted with the 380mm turrets featured on Gneissenau in-game. The 283mm guns were only fitted due to the severe limitations of the post-war treaties affecting Germany at the time

  3. Francisco DeTonne

    Henri IV is 2nd top cruiser? Da fuq? I know the world is mad, but this is the extreme of insanity.

    • Its because if the range. Standoff and spam and yes survive

    • Their basing it all on average damage done in server population and ignoring the fact that long range HE spammers farming BB’s have cost as many rounds as they have won.

    • Ростислав Несисюк

      Sups S pfff, standoff spam. Speedboost is die charfing 40knots into enemy while your awesome secondaries are pew pewing. That’s how I roll

      I have 15% survivability though. 🙁 but it’s fun.

    • Brace yourself, here come the nerfs lol

    • It’s not how well this cruiser do, but how much damage this cruiser deal, so for henry sure she have a high damage per game, but compare to other cruiser her utility is abysmall. Have a high number near your ruban is nice, but that thing don’t bring victory.

  4. Jesus she’s hotter than dasha

  5. wow i was expecting it was gonna be a des moines or a mino at top but wew IJN nippon steel stronk lmao

  6. Intersting didn’t realise the K in Khabarovsk was silent! Great to see both Aelana and Dasha’s videos.

  7. Hey people looking through the comments

  8. Yea andnKhaba drivers always tell me how underpowered and imposable thatbship is to play…hummmmm

  9. Heresy, All hail Dasha

  10. lawrence bellaire

    she’s got a hold on me,lol

  11. Khabarovsk isn’t’s CL. XD

  12. When you have to make specific top 3s for DDs and cruisers because if you made an overall there’d only be BBs in it.

    • xXDeathRavenXx -jrg0711-

      dlegofan That’s exactly what happened in the top ships of 2017 video they made

    • Or cvs.. a great cv player can easily break 200k

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      BBs would be very obvious. Yamato, Musashi, and Conqueror would have the top spots.

    • xXDeathRavenXx -jrg0711-

      Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing Well, it was overall top of 2017, top 3 were I believe #1 Kurfurst, #2 Idk (I’ll check and edit this) and #3 Was NC
      [Edit] ok, I’ll leave up the previous list, but top 3 ships overall in 2017 were
      #1 Bismarck
      #2 Gneisenau (Suprising to me, but my personal favorite T7 so, yay)
      #3 NC (Which really doesn’t surprise me, honestly by far the best T8 BB imo, even if the shells are relatively slow)

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      That one is count by number of battles played though. This one is count by average damage, and the ships I mentioned are those with enough perks to cause a salt eruption whenever they sail around (like ‘what angle? on Yamato & Musashi, and Conqueror with low detection range & high HE chance).

  13. i prefer dasha..she got a cute face with a vintage look….

  14. I want a recount. Khabarovsk doesn’t count as she is a light crusier. She is no destroyer.

  15. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, those are the best DPS, or DPM, how should we put it?:)
    What do you think about those dangerous damagers?

  16. How look, the top of the ships that are more useless for the team but better for selfish dmg with no actual effect. Kite and shot!

  17. Zao: Position at B2, snipe battleships with HE, ignore any request for support from your scouting DDs to clear caps, complain about your awesome 75k average damage and still loses
    Hindenburg: Position at B2, snipe battleships with HE or AP, ignore any request for support from your scouting DDs to clear caps, complain about your awesome 75k average damage and still loses
    Henri IV: Position at Base, snipe battleships with HE or AP, ignore any request for support from your scouting DDs to clear caps, complain about your awesome 75k average damage and still loses

    Chung Mu and Yue Yang: dont cap, tries to ambush torp a Battleship, complain about your awesome 75k average damage and still loses
    Khabarovsk: stay at 12+ km and shoot battleships, and never caps, complain about your awesome 100k average damage and still loses

    that is the untold truth about thoose damage dealers

    • i don’t expect anything, i’m just telling the truth of how these ships used by damage and stat worshipers are currently playing, just don’t complain when they didn’t win games when their meat shields are dead

      This Video, which is RAW damage data, inspires more players to aim for more damage, and what’s more fun than having khabarovsk that are damage farming and not capping (in ideal situation the number of DDs are the same, and you are handicapping your team for the NO CAP mindset) or zaos and hindenburgs damage farming on map edge barking orders to cap, chung mu and yue yangs torpedo sniping in your team ?

      11.000 random battles, and this trend is happening, I dont blame WG for promotions, but a well planned and educative video is preferred than this Raw Unprocessed data being presented now

    • Cant be against that one. Wg doesnt remark cap/intelligence play rewards enough to be an objective for the average 50/50 player. This video just pushes the “do more dmg and only dmg” concept more, which is already on a pretty bad state for the game

    • Ray Turangan
      You forgot one last thing – in the end you are blamed in chat for loosing the battle and your karma drops to zero, like no one has problem with most of the BBs sailing borderline.

  18. No Japanese destroyers
    What a shame poi

  19. ah yes, glorious soviet minicruiser on top… able to Bounce US AP Shells from montanas….

  20. This format kinda reminds me of a news channel. But thanks for the quality, production quality, efforts of the crew and Alena. P.S. she can really bring it over enthusastically.

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