Off the charts:Top February? March! [World of Warships]

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New statistics from Alena Ermolaeva! Which ships were popular in 2017? Are you one of the captains on those?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    All hands on deck!
    What do you think? Did those ships earn their popularity fair and square?
    What’s your favourite ship?
    Yeah, La Galissonniére is cruiser indeed! But how could you blame us, we were just as distracted as you are!;)

  2. That need to add more British ships like ark royal

  3. There is something super distracting in this video.

  4. What ships? Sorry I was distracted

  5. The Ferret Dynasty

    ???????? what were they saying about ships again?

  6. Isn’t La Galissonnière a cruiser and not a battleship?

  7. I saw French ships and a gorgeous woman….I was distracted in a beautiful way!

  8. That’s not Dasha!!! *sharpens pitchfork*

  9. Damn, those subttitles are distracting me from watching distraction

  10. the cleavage i mean cleveland fell to #9?

  11. I couldn’t focus on her face! More of it!

  12. Aight ! What chart ?

  13. The Gaming Python

    “All Hands on Deck?” Mine were on something else that sounds very similar.

  14. 2:07 — When did WG upgrade La Galissionnière to a battle-ship? 😉

  15. Andres Montenegro

    Alena is sooooooo beautiful ?

  16. 1:10 is it possible that size doesnt matter anymore, ohh wargaming, you know what the hell you are doşng when you choose her dont you.

  17. Alena I Love you <3

  18. Okay I got to be honest I clicked on here for the ships but mostly for the beautiful Russian chick that was announcing the ranks of the ships and her nice Bountiful cleavage.

  19. Please more of her!

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