Ognevoi Dominates Flank – World of Warships

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Found myself on the flank of the enemy and enjoyed every moment in my little . Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Soviet Destroyer Ognevoi Replay

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  1. Good to hear you’re doing well Notser keep positive! I know it helps and I’ll catch you next time. 🙂

  2. I spotted for my teams so many times…. they just camped behind rock and never shot.

  3. Oh, an interesting ship 😀

  4. so basically bbs should always be moving even if only at 1/4 ahead…..for once im doing something before its pointed out to me by a pro :3

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Even with 1/4 speed, you make yourself more difficult to be sniped/spammed than being completely stationary.

  5. Notser, i got the lightning without spending a single dollar!

  6. Just a random Horse.

    Hmm Notser… I’d like to see you making the Hsienyang work, as that ship drove me insane since I bought it, and I can’t figure out what the heck the purpose of it is. *thinking*

    • Just a random Horse. I hated the damn slow benson torpedos she has to.

    • I liked it (70% winrate), the current meta favours it heavily. Lots of dumbass DDs, just wait for them to lose three thirds of their health, farm them and then devastate the enemy capital ships with invisible self moving seamines…

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Anton Janssen I think it’s the opposite. I’ve seen too many matches where I was the only tier 8, too many with 3-4 radars. Too many in which there was nothing I could do but watch and wait for minutes hoping I get a chance to do something, anything. I’ve gotten through the gearing line. And Benson was nice, even had the most XP ever in it for a while. But this copy is so bad from what I’m seeing.

    • +Just a random Horse. Use your smokes generously, you got so many it doesn’t matter if you only use them for 30s. If there is radar try to always have an escape route. 90% of players don’t do this and die, and if you are left with no enemy DDs your torps are enough to trigger a DCP and then set some fires. The other thing is contest the caps, don’t charge em. Let the enmey make a mistake while capping and pounce on him. Communicate with your radar cruisers (only half of them tend to be retarded…).

  7. Notser
    2:21 Level of patience? It is anything but patience. It is incompetence. It is individuals who cannot grasp the concept of momentum. Who cannot grasp the concept of creating opportunity and exploiting success. It is the reason why submarines need to be introduced into random play.

    • Yeah we need something OP like the CV that will encourage camping and not pushing.
      They still cannot get CVs right, I shudder to think of Subs in game for anything other than events or just Sub vs Sub play.

  8. I look forward to your videos so much awesome work, I use to be a world of tanks player. Now I am a world of Warships player alot thanks to you.

  9. 3:50 if you do that on the EU server you can enjoy the notification of at least 3 or 4 reports from angry island camping battleship players because how dare you punish camping players, doesn’t mean it’s not satisfying though

    • Even more reports if you’re playing an Asashio. 🙂 That position would be perfect for that DD.

    • Simon Norris I have been in exactly that position in my Shima a couple of times, you get amazing damage results and so so much salt in chat after

  10. If you’ve used Asashio instead, the game would have ended much earlier.

  11. This is why you try to keep an island between your BB and the red teams DDs. You can always lob shells over it, and if you keep some speed up you can wheel out after you volley and regroup to make another attack run. And sometimes kiting can lure the other team into making an overly aggressive move you can punish. This is why high tier French BBs are great, because I never have to worry about being nailed down to a specific spot. But I can bow tank if I need to.

  12. Why the hell did that Gearing smoke up ? He should have easily killed you and then smoke up if needed. There was nothing dangerous to him on that flank, the Balti was already going behind islands and Yamato has a long reload … omg … ANY DD unopposed on a flank that can stealth torp can do the same, or rather every T8+ DD other than Ognevoi and Udaloi can do much better than you did because they have much more torpedo power….

  13. Hey Notser how about your Ring vidéo ? Which vessel would suit you best and what perks ? Would be nice to hear you tell me ” Ennemy battleship sunk ! “

  14. Playing this stock is rather painful 4 guns and only 6 torps is not fun 🙂 Glad to see a vid on it that may give me hope.

  15. Sitting in your own smoke is just asking to be torped. Gearing should know better.

  16. I completely understand that there’s more than one way to skin a cat but I’m talking basic torpedo tactics. 4:06 buddy, there’s no reason to announce your position with a smoke cloud before firing your torps, OR launching your torps undetected… but then immediately smoking up. Either version gives up the element of surprise and needlessly alerts even those with the worst situational awareness. I feel bad for you every time you do this because you don’t seem to realize what you’re giving up. Worried about missing out on some HE dot? You can make that up with one extra torp hit. Your torps weren’t up for another 18 seconds? Use the time to close to minimum detection range and go deeper behind their flank. Hey, it’s a different story when a scout plane detects you or when your torps are so close to hitting that it doesn’t matter what you do, or you drop smoke to make them think you’re in and in front of them, while you completely reposition for another strike. 0:24 Absolutely! Thumbs up, dude!

  17. Notser: Today my ap shells from my GK bounced off the hull on the Edinburgh 16mm. How can this happen? These bounces are not even something of an oddity but a regular phenomenon when I play. It’s been so for over a year. I have good hit % but citadel hits on even Cruisers are extremely rare. This is becoming so frustrating that I’m about to go nuts in the game. This surely can’t be coincedal since it hapoens on a regular basis? I coukd talk about Iowa, Alabama and other BB’s too: same anomalies there; It seems my account has become immune to doung citadel hits. I really hope for someone with better knowledge to try answer this as I’ve had lengthy “discussions” with WG through petitions where I accuse them for manipulating my account. Because after a reinstall or patch my account is perfectly fine; doing citadel hits east & west, creating fires as normal etc. Then after max 2-3 days the performance drops like a rockin the sea. I’m extremely fed up with this now and it makes me a really bad player ingame due to frustration. A 16mm armor, from I can read from charts etc is NOT capable of bouncing 406mm shells no matter the angle; am I correct? (Not that angle is the case as full broadsides also bounces my 406mm shells on these tin-cans!). Any reply would be extremely grateful and thanks for reading so far. Cheers!

    • I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only 1 with this problem I’ve always chalked up as RNG hates me because even my accurcy in my Iowa has become a prblem cant hit bbs or cruisers at 10km but dds cant be hit at full range of my guns

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      I think the shells will lose their pen value the longer they travel through before hitting the target. As a devoted Edinburgh player, I can say Edinburgh is less of a tin can than Neptune & Minotaur, particularly because the latter have their citadels exposed above the waterline. From my experience, Edinburgh can only be citadeled from any angle by larger caliber than 406mm (if the shells didn’t miss the midsection of course).

    • This was short range combat. Max 10 km away. This happens ALL the time. The penetration power on the 406 is higher on shorter distances up to around 14km on the 406 than the 420. I find it extremey frustrating as is, since it goes only a day or 2 at max after a patch/reinstall, then my ships drops in performance so much it’s fishy.
      I used Aslain’s mods before. Thinking it was some sort of “hack” from his side if he had a thorn in his side against me. So I did’nt install any mods from Aslain when I installed the game again (on a new harddisk btw, without any “rests” of Aslains mod in my new system, so Aslain is not the one to blame here. I don’t use any mods, only used Aslain’s before).

      I’ve had lenghty and hefty discussions with WG about this, where I simply tell them this unfair sh*t that’s going on need to stop. They reply with their usual bla bla bla.
      I can send volleys after volleys in my GK for example, without ANY fires are set. All my ships are nearly immune to do citadel hits, while I see others at same distance blap for example cruisers; but me, I do mostly just minal damage on each hit. It’s not unusual that I need like 25 HE hits to get ONE single fire from my GK on any warship. I could go on about this for a long time but you get the picture.

      All I want is to be treated fairly ingame on par with any other. I truly believe that WG manipulates my account since I’ve been so vocal against how easy it is to use cheats/hacks in these games (WOT/WOWs).

      My firm belief is that WG is punishing me for pointing out the obvious. Like when I was playing WOT. I made a furious attack upon WG for not taking action at cheaters. I got flamed from east and west. It ended me saying to WG in open forum that they should ban my WOT account as I would quit. Funnily enough I didn’t get banned (people sent me PM’s laughing at WG because people had been banned for just critizing the game (Russians are Communists through and through, and ciritzing them is like pouring gazoline on a fire).
      After that attack on WG’s policy against cheaters in WOT (and people ridiculing me), they banned nearly 100k players… Same shit is in WOWs; I watch a few streamers and I see cheating going on, but as long as you’re a CC or a famous streamer (not accusing Notser), WG seems pretty lenient towards cheating. Just like Rockstar is towards “famous” players in GTA.
      I’m too tired to elaborate on the cheating in WOWs, but it uses the same engine as WOT, so…

      Anyways, even if that was a sidetrack, I still feel that is relevant to my topic. I like Notser for what he is, so that’s why I posted it here in hope of that someone could shred some light over why my warships effectiveness works fantastic after a patch, but then after max 1-3 days, they perform like shit. Of course this could mean that the cheaters need patch their hacks, which also would cause this “effect”. If you don’t know there are ways to reduce incoming damage, as well as increase outgoing damage through hacks.
      If it’s becaue of cheating, then this is a HUGE problem for WOWs; so big that they NEVER would take action against cheaters.

      To sum it up: Have WG manipulated my account or is WOWs playerbase using hacks to an extreme extent?

      My frustration about this game which I love, have come to the point where I need ask around to see if I can get to bottom of this. Case is, I don’t know anymore where to start to find out.
      One thing for sure is that I’ll be activating replays today, then I will see if I can find time to make short video’s from these “obvious” anomalies. But can I make these videos anonymous to avoid WG coughing up some lame excuse to ban me? If anyone have a tip regarding this, please let me know.

      Thanks for reading.

    • Use only 420 . 406 don’t have same pen value as US guns and don’t trust what do u ready somewhere. Have a feeling u don’t aim correct depends on ship angle. Don’t forget over-saturation . WG love to play mind games sometimes .

    • Tried the 420’s, nothing difference. Still, Citadels won’t get saturated. This also got me to remember when I was bow in vs a Scharnhorst in my Tirpitz; BLAM; I got citadelled through the bow. I’ve NEVER yet penetrated the bow to hit a citadel on anyone through the bow, not even in the GK! Strange? I’ve got several thousands games…

      Weirdly enough, I have way more kills than I have citadel hits, believe it or not. (I can sink 3 ships in a round with a BB without a SINGLE citadel hit!) Only way for me to win any fight, is not by catching anyone with a broadside, cause they don’t work; I need WASD hack and use my wits as best I can to outmaneuver the enemies. Only way for me to sink an enemy.
      Every time I see someone blap a Cruiser with a BB salvo, I wish I could do that. My aim is quite good; from the lowest at 25% on the “worst” BB’s up to 60% on some other ships. So my aim is good I guess(?), since there are people who’s considered “supergood” with lower hit chance than I have.
      I really don’t know what to do. This has plagued me/my account for over a year. All my RL friends have turned their backs to WOWs which means I have noone more to play with as “I know”; I am such sucker for WW2 warmachines, especially Battleships, hence why I love the game.
      As I also said earlier; the account works perfectly fine right after a patch, then within max 2 days, my performance drops rock bottom.

      So IF what I say is true, I see 2 plausabilities:
      Either WG manipulates my account as some sort of punishiment for pointing out the obvious regarding the cheating going on (Russians aren’t much fan of being told what do, which I know from personal experience). Remember you got banned from WOT in beginning just for constructive criticism.
      Second option is that those who uses cheats have gotten their hacks updated, which obviously comes AFTER a patch.
      If anyone has a 3rd option, please let me know. Exclude aim please, as that is fine within the parameters to hit citadels, especially on the RN Light Cruisers.

      No matter how I try find a reason, it boils down to this. I hope streaming in near future, then question whats going on without accusations.
      I was the other day accused for hacking as several T10 BB’s struggled to sink me in my Alabama (I sunk 2 before I died) and someone made a furious attack on me, encouraged everyone to report my account for using hacks.
      Quite funny, and it made me a bit proud since my stats have plummeted into a shameful low Win Rating. Thing is that my aim % is’nt on par with my low Win Rate when I see the win rate on other who’s supposed to be good players.

      I used to be known to be a great brawler with people running away from me if ther could be a 1 vs 1 situation. Sadly, today after so long time “fighting back”, I’ve become “nothing” 🙁

      I still have a few BB’s which I do good in, but only because it’s for example the Scharnhorst (no RN BB on me YET). I also have great win rate on my KM DD’s. Thing is, I really want to be a BB driver. But those ships just won’t work. Unless I change to RN… sigh. Which is a very bad solution.

      As a reminder: I just came back to WOWs not long ago. First day(s) I did citadel hits like hot knife in butter. Today, citadel hits are way more rare than triple kills!
      I just want this to stop so I can enjoy this game without being easily frustrated and baited into trash talk.

      Thanks for reading all this.

  18. I loved the Tashkent, great 8km torpedoes

  19. I love that you were able to punish the camping meta.

  20. I bloody LOVE the Ognevoi! Easily the most versatile high-tier destroyer in the game. You can viably build her into a full torpedo boat with great guns, or a full open-water gunboat with serviceable torpedoes. If she lacks anything, it’s in close-range duels where the advantages go to other destroyers, but keeping your opponent at arm’s length (8-10km) and you begin to out-DPM other destroyers with their typically worse ballistics or rate of fire.

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