Ognevoi / “What if Siliwangi, but better?”

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is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: https://warships.net/


  1. What are you doing that late at night? “I have a date with my favourite Jedi” 😮

  2. I do believe ognevoi has def AA you mentioned it didn’t in the video. Without it you have great AA with it you have trollish AA. I luv the ognevoi its challenging but very self reliable. I recommend def AA you would have had alot more HP left and obviously the SE on your captain will be even more better once you get it. Anyone that thinks this DD is bad clearly does not know what they are talking about. It’s challenging but it’s got tools and if you know how to use them youll do very well. You can stop a push on a flank extremely well with this shop most of the time alone

    • Yes, it does have Def AA – though you have to trade speed boost for it. When I played Ognevoi, I decided to forgo Def AA for more speed, reasoning that speed is always useful. Maybe I should give the AA build a try.

  3. Not only is the silver ship (Ognevoi) demonstrably better than the Siliwangi, albeit on another nation–there’s already a T8 premium Pan-Asian DD available with a good rep: the Loyang.
    I sense that the SEA marketing department have identified a unexplored Indonesian market here. :p No harm in that though, but it sounds like the Sili will be a true port queen.

    Thanks for showing, Jedi!

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