Oh Frank – World of Warships

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I just thought it was funny and felt like sharing a decent match which hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Thanks Frank for making us laugh at least 3

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  1. Frank had a chance, and just threw it on back!

  2. Yep, his reaction was about what i expected from this community!

  3. Finally the secret is revealed, a PRO player told us Flambino is useless:)

  4. Frank was very frank frankly

  5. The enemy Annapolis who was the first to die in the game was 3rd on the team….

    • Sukositb true its lame :,( and 12:52 well about that Annapolis yolo and end up doing better xD Wargaming and Gaijin community is doing the same each years that pass the worst it become in toxicity in stupidity in everything negative pretty much.. all the good player are going away :,) i start playing war thunder in 2013 and stop a couple years ago cause dev only care about money and think short terms and that reflect the community.. soo bad and feel sad man.. and it end up if we just yolo on WoT on WoWS on War Thunder too, we doing better than most of people ..

  6. Top xp of the enemy team happens often for me. I’m usually top 6. Only dead last rarely and when triggered so play 5 games yolo with no shells fired. I know. Sry about that, but when ur triggered ur triggered. I’m usually the guy complaining about the team, sry about that. And on occasion I am Frank. Sry about that too.
    Sometimes a humbling demonstration of a game like this by a guy like Flambass is needed. So, thank you for that dude.

  7. This man has more than 3k battles, half of them in a two-man div. If at this point he still does that, then I think he might never stop. Can’t teach old dogs new tricks.
    Ah well, it’s good to stay positive I guess.

    • And it’s the tier 9 cruiser, so he has been grinding the line. That means he keeps constantly playing it wrong even after experiencing 90% of the ships. I mean, I understand that he could think japanese cruisers play like US cruisers if he is in low tiers but this guy is almost tier 10.

    • Yes. If you play this game for a good amount of battles and be also a good player you dont have to look for that because its not a new player like you maybe would think. And kind of this i see very often.
      Also he was in a german clan back in 2019 as you can see so i guess its also a german player or maybe from switzerland/austria. The clan name means in english; “the land of the idiots” 🙂

    • CatOfSchroedinger

      wait … are you stat-shaming someone who’s already featured in this video ? That’s low hanging fruit, man.

    • @CatOfSchroedinger that’s not stat shaming, he didn’t bring up WR. He just said he is not a new player.

    • @Juan Kovacs I mean, the 155 mogami basically plays like that, so it’s not that outrageous to assume the next ship might too, if this is one of his first games in it at least.

  8. 9:55 instead of “haha I got you” the Ibuki went “man, unlucky again!”

  9. Frank is literally the reason why i stop playing this game…to much of this type of players are in this game

  10. I wish I had someone tell me how to play this ship like you. Unfortunately, I learnt it the hard way 🙁

  11. There is an old saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Frank, in this game, proves this old saying true. Sure someone like Flambass can give advice to him in a match; however, Frank will most likely continue playing the ship wrong because he believes his only method of playing the ship is correct.

  12. Frank was probably the cruiser that fired on your ship; So he did maybe 2-10k damage to a ship one Tier higher than his, which seems to be worth more than a kill (like the Neustrashimy or the Chung Mu which did like 50k with tops). Maybe some spotting with his fighter plane, but I heavily doubt that.

  13. Василий Сахаров

    11:15 The moment Frank being… well, Frank =D

  14. I fucking lost it on that delayed reaction by Frank. I think maybe he went to go kick his dog after he got wrecked. Then came back after and responded to you.

  15. You’ve made one mistake, you assumed he has the ability to critically look at the post battle results and conclude he did bad in the first place. “It’s always RNG and baf teams! It’s never my fault!” Is the attitude most of them have..

  16. ”maybe he will learn after this”
    – “you are useless!”

    Oh Frank!

  17. What about the Bourg and Ohio who came last and second last on the enemy team? They were both still alive, too, at the end of the match.

    How is that even possible? Those ships exist to do damage to all the things.

  18. One of my favourite Warships videos ever was made by iChasegaming, about how the best way to improve was to have what he called a “Growth Mindset”. It’s a shame it’s not played to every new player when they fire the game up, but sadly it’s rare to see it in any player. In fact, Warships is a case study into the Dunning-Kruger effect; it’s always the worst players who start blaming the team and calling other people “noobs”, you just have to look at MM Monitor for proof.

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