Ohio 4 Kills & 369k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Ohio 4 Kills & 369k Damage
About the Warship: American Tier X Battleship

-Map: Warrior’s Path
-Mode: Random Battle
-Player: doroznik (EU)
-Kills: 4 Ships
-Players of my team: doroznik, JohnyBetter, CAPITANESTOR, _LOSER__2021, mcastor, muffinblow, beaupeep, Wanderfalk3, MaximilianBerlin, DJKOTQ, Dnipro2003, Luca_Mappelli
-Link to Replay: https://mecareplays.com/replay/1607
-Players of the enemy team: YakoSorryJo, ushuo, _Intercept, Snap__, skhao290, mettzelfant, pepa251167, Mustang3CRO, srg69_UA, SKKERATAR, GiSAMA, _loma4ok_
-Damage caused: 369176
-Version: 0.11.11
-Achievements earned: Confederate, High Caliber

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  1. If you’re a BB fan the ship is always on fire.

  2. Ohio and it’s pirates.

  3. Real costly victory.

  4. only in ohio

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