OHIO CITADEL MONSTER || World of Warships

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  1. First

  2. Citadel is just orgasm when playing Wow . . . . PLEASURE !!!

    • Damn man, I mean citadels are great and all but they aren’t that good… Are you telling me you orgasm every citadel you land?… (glances around nervously for the nearest escape route)…

    • @SWIFTY_WINS And while playing World of Warcraft. That’s just weird. 😛

  3. the only ship more OP than this thing is probably Kremlin. Ohio just has so little downsides with so many strengths

    • Kremlin Lover stopped watching flamu just now huh?

    • @Kremlin Lover At the very least those ships were laid down or atleast planned to made in ww2 mean while Ships like Soyuz class and all were ships that were planned for Cold War we are literally comparing ships of ww2 and cold War and I don’t need to mention there is clearly more Russian bias in this game and much better Russian ships will be added later for sure seeing where wg is going

    • @Cw Eagle Soyuz class for cold war? She was under construction between 1938-1941 until German invasion caused it to stop like Chapayev class. Kremlin is the Cold war one

    • @Juri Hold on…Is that you Juribanned <3 :0

    • Just wait until Ohio and Kremlin get divebomber squadrons

  4. Im gonna give the biggest broadsiede! NO, I WILL GIVE THE BIGGEST BROADSIDE! NOUUU IT IS I who will!

    • (Pulls up in my Midway perfectly perpendicular to the Ohio) … Nay nay good sirs, tis I who will be giving the biggest of broadsides on this day!!!

    • Alex Zasokhashvili

      yes but that kind of games with +400k are only possible against bot enemies you cant do that much damage against good players, this guy knows how to shot when to shot and where to aim

  5. This allied Georgia is the perfect example to why WOWS is sometimes a very frustrating game. The dude (or lady) has a ship which is pretty long to obtain (so player should have a minimum of experience), but then decide to go almost all alone against 2 conquerors (fOr dAmagE, becAUSe dAmAGes gOoD !!) rather than taking a cap… sigh*

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      There was a period of time where the Georgia was available if you were reckless with your credit card.

  6. That Musashi was doing all the wrong things at the right time. The enemy team were all broadsiding potatoes.

  7. Ah yes, Kremlin is broken af. But this BB is most balanced tier X BB ever nobody in community talks about it.

    • Ohio is ‘Murican so you’re not allowed to complain about it being strong. According to the majority of the WoWs community, it is impossible for a ship to be overpowered unless it flies a Soviet flag. Therefore Alaska, Thunderer, Ohio, Kleber, Mogador, Venezia, Worcester, and Colbert (to name a few) are not overpowered.

    • @Mwi O Wish they change the name of Kremlin to Berlin and put her a german flag. You would get 0 complains from Wehraboos

    • Yes it’s balanced it’s not tanky

  8. Zezku The Gaming Celesteon

    that conq division though, sailing the map border

  9. more more more broadside potato!

  10. Why didn’t that Georgia get C when it was near it?? Clueless. Should have standards for high tier ships. This was a bit of a frustrating game honestly. Player had great RNG plus potato targets giving broadsides. The rest of the gameplay left me feeling blah… likely another overly safe BB player but with an awesome game of cits as probably a change of pace.

  11. Enemy#1: What is better: Going broadside or being a potato?
    Enemy#2: I don’t know. Let’s do a mix.

  12. Uchuu senkan Oooooohhhiiiiiiiooooooooo

  13. I might not be a very good WoWS player, but every video out there since Beta told me to never broadside unless I had to. Even potatoes like me don’t show broadside but this enemy team man smh

  14. Can you set your language to English?

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