OMG how is this ship so powerful??? – World of Warships

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This is one of those ships that I called an absolute POS since day 1.

Gouden Leeuw did everything worse than others and its main feature was dumb. Powerful but mostly ineffective, not to mention that most ppl think they should play this ships as an airfield.

I, ofc, wasn’t gonna play it like everyone else so I decided to play it like a noram cruiser and see what I can do with it.

The results were astonishing to me.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I’ve always defended the GL when people said it was shit. Some of my highest damage cruiser games are in the GL..

  2. About Hannover secondaries: that is the gimmick of that Super Battleship: improved secondaries range: +20% for few good seconds, after activating it.

    • Stevie Huppenbauer

      @Juan Kovacs You’re right. Look at the Bismarck for example. The Bismarcks main guns where so accurate that it was common for their crew that they hit their target in the first salvo with a 60 to 80 % ratio. That means 5-6 of 8 shots are hitting in the first salvo. Now look how often you hit in WoWs with Bismarcks main guns….

    • @Steve Rill talking about any ship in WoWs compared to realistic/historic is just a laugh…considering how unreal the physics and firepower of all the ships are in WoWs. I mean you didn’t find ships using islands for cover and backing up to get a shot and ducking back in again in real life. It is for the gamer feel, so talking any sort of talk about realism and ships and how they worked historically just makes me want to laugh….20 year veteran (in real life not the game)

  3. I love the Gouden! The AP on that thing is so spicy against other cruisers. The air strikes are just the icing on the cake

  4. I think Trenlass already told you few times, that GL is very strong ship. I play some battles with this ship, and those airstrikes hits like train.

    • As the Air Strikes are good the guns are even better. Shame that he didn’t give the AP more love this battle, he would have been even more shocked if he did 🙂 The lack of Air ASW and the bad armor scheme are the ONLY downsides of the ship.

    • @dominges i would argue that actually THE biggest downside of the ship is the BS 60s fire you get on it

    • @Sigrid Honestly you can play around that issue. IF the ships had adequate armor scheme, I bet that most ppl wouldn’t even consider the fire duration an issue.

    • people play ships differently for some might not work

    • @James Harris true, true

  5. This ship is great, I love it. Quite tanky (though 60s fires), good HE with good fire chance and planes for those crawling around islands or camping. Those planes make you play in optimal range and your concealment of 10,6 km makes GL absolutely great kiting ship.

    And, btw, you got almost deleted there by Slava at 12:50, he missed a perfect broadside salvo by few meters. Definitely play this more, GL is fun in a good way and actually works against CVs a bit.

  6. Chameleon Scheimong

    I think it’s just powercreep. Back when it was just released DDs were significantly more popular than they are now, so GL’s underwhelming damage against them and its complete lack of utility made it feel quite useless at times, especially for good players who wish to have a higher impact on the outcome of the game.

    But now thanks to subs, most competent DD players don’t want to play the class anymore, and the ones who still play are mostly no good. In such a BB-rich environment there’s little wonder that GL shines.

  7. Remember the Golden has 283mm guns the dispersion aint great but when they land they hit hard and I love the air drops, as for the hannovers secondaries when he uses the magic button the range increases too around 14k and the reload speed and accuracy also goes up.

  8. There are few ships in this game that are absolute fun to play (for me) cuz they are very skill oriented. For eg: JB, Elbing, Vermont, Halland, Minotaur and yes Gouden

  9. ive had amazing luck with he in this thing killing dds, much like shikishima, the dpm is a little low, but the accuracy and low arcs make it insane at hitting almost any dd within a certain distance

  10. Good to see how someone is not camping behind the island on this ship, it’s a rare thing to see in the battles now.

  11. I want to see your reaction when you realize that fire damage was actually nearly 30% more than HE shells damage, and it was more than the entire main battery damage.

  12. you ever considered,
    the ship stayed the same since 3 matches,

    but you adapted AND shared the thoughts while doing so with US.

    Many thanks, that helps my game as well other players.

  13. This ship is soo great at setting perma fires by spacing the timing from guns/planes..

  14. A casual viewer here, I’m enjoying these stat building videos.

  15. I always liked this ship since release. With the good commander, good skills, and good airstrike hits, you can perma fire everything easily.
    And if you are very low health, you can still stealth bomb enemies to death…

  16. You FINALLY started using He as your main ammo type, it is AMAZING especially with the special capt + the airstrikes ^^
    *Hint: do NOT sleep on the AA it’s hilariously busted if built even slightly for ^^

  17. best games i ever had in this ship, i didnt even use the planes until end game! when there is 1 or 2 left..i found it a distraction and usually got me killed if focus on using planes .

  18. Have some diehard fans of this ship among my friends and I understand why when I see them play it (or see a battle like this one). The ship just works.

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