OMG YURO WAS RIGHT !!! World of Warships

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  1. I hope Yuro puts out more “How to (insert ship)” videos soon. They were both informative and hilarious!

  2. it took him 9 salvo to land the first hit on that GK, by the time he hit it the GK was already in his normal range. so not worth switching the radar imo.

    • Was my first game with this build, 25th or so with DM, so Excuuuse me :3

    • We are all potato on this glorious day…

      Getting used to the Spotter plane on the DM can be tricky. You were great at maneuvering, that’s for sure, and got pretty lucky with RNGsus while facing down the Alsace and GK. Like my other reply to someone else: butt-citadels are a thing with the DM vs BB matchup, so be careful. And close in AP damage is insane: you can melt a BB with them when you’re <10km away.

      For the Des Memes build, though, definitely good job in being evasive and keeping your distance., but you gotta spam the HE. When your spotter is in the air, don't even think about switching to AP. It's not a horrible idea to run IFHE, but Des Memes runs on setting fires from long distances, so a different skill may be better.

    • The first/last time I went spotter instead of radar on my DM, I couldn’t get used to the view and hit nothing. This guy did much better after his plane landed, same thing happened to me. Maybe I gave up too quickly?

    • It’s possible. If you don’t like using the spotter, you don’t have to use it, really. I’m slowly getting to prefer it, since every time I load radar, I have the urge to go DD hunting, and then die, lol

      The trick I use most often is to just fire the first battery, in one location, then the second a little further. Keep doing this until you see consistent impacts and go from there.

    • +number51oco trick is with spotter aim lower then you think

  3. She is a strong female protagonist. 😉

  4. HAHAHA, THX so much for uploading !

  5. On a DM, with it’s ballistics, I consider the max range to be max 15km. On a Zao or Ibuki, the spotter plane is indeed more effective, though, as it permits to extend the range to almost 20 km, eats no radar slot, and these cruisers have a much higher fire chance. And also, using a spotter plane requires some experience in order to properly gauge where to shoot to land hits, something I felt was lacking on this DM captain.

  6. High DPM gunboat not radar cruiser

  7. The spotter plane helped for like what 5k dmg?…… It’s a nope for me

  8. 6:00 until the end. When you discover that you are the entire flank

  9. Why are we watching this? This player did not play for the team win and just played for their own stats, they did not cover either the dd or the bb that was close to that cap and solely focused on 1 battleship and did so little damage to it that it made no difference until after his 2 teammates were already dead. That left him alone, on his own and focused by 2-4 ships at different points. This is not a team player and this style of play is why most teams lose. Honestly they are lucky that the rest of the team worked together without his help.

  10. Throw enough crap, and some of of it has to stick…. Terrible aim ! lol
    Love your channel Panzer, but sometimes I don’t know how a player like this is featured.

    • Pretty sure you guys don’t know who Yuro is

    • Jojo Divas pretty sure you don’t know what good gameplay looks like

    • Of course we know who Yuro is you sad little fuck. But we’ve also got two eyes and a brain. And we are able to tell the difference between mediocre game play and exceptional game play. Your just the reason brothers and sisters shouldn’t sleep together, Now fuck off, wanker,

    • yaseen reza I know. Capturing points, know the guns if it’s fast or slow, aim right, aware the situation of the map, doing torpbeats, avoiding broadside, tank stronk, not being weekenders and snipe too much and avoid capturing points while being a sniping torp DD. Just wanted to say that he is considerably one of the best players out there and you should stop by to his channel, he’s funny though XD

    • AnEnglishState you pissed there or something? And, I don’t mind bro and sis sleep together, there could be, nice, stranger, things, happening, anyway. Most people have good and bad games, even the good players have bad games, you don’t need to exaggerate where panzerknacker has to post very good games, he’s just featuring Yuro where sometimes using spotter planes on the Des Moines work(when there are teammates that help spots that’s one thing for sure).

      You need to chill that’s one thing for sure. All I’m saying is that not everyone has a good or perfect game on every online match of the game and last thing, it’s just a game, Y U Heff to be mad?

  11. For us Jon Snow’s that know nothing, who is Turo and why was he right?

  12. 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Why incoming fire alert? no dual planes? This is not a spotter plane build, its more of I am afraid of taking shots build!

    • I’d probably agree to the I am afraid of taking hits build

    • 大和*Bayern.ヤマト

      Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      It is useless regardless.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Nah I use it on Radar Mino & it saved me more often than using smoke. And it’s fun to troll the average BB players since only players that can predict my next turn can hit me. I can’t disagree with the *I am afraid of taking shots build* though since any shell bigger than 152mm is impossible to bounce with Mino.

    • IFA is good to dodge incoming shells if you are a long range shooter who always moving. Most more than 6 seconds incoming shells will be heavy BB APs and those are real threat.
      PT does nothing other than get you panicked for just being targeted. With the current meta where many players have PT, I often exploited this psychological weakness, just by targeting a spotted enemy by a friendly even when I cannot really shoot at that target.
      I take IFA on most cruisers.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah PT is more useless, and I’ve been replacing my old commanders with PT as first skill with new ones on all cruisers (not gonna spend for doubloons). It is generally acceptable that the more you cause annoyance to their team, the more they will focus on you regardless of the ship class you use. So the number on PT does not matter compared to the “6th sense” that warns you about the incoming salvo from afar.

  13. >struggled to land shell with spotter plane
    >did almost everything while spotter is down
    >SpOtTeR dEs MoInEs WoRkS gUiS

  14. remember good old times without radar

  15. The only time the DM player was using the planes were totally insignificant for the contribution to the total damage he did. Most of the shots were missed against the first Kurfurst at the beginning of the game. At the very end of the game, one ship die before he landed any shell and the second Kurfurst were barely damaged by him before it was sunk. So much for a demonstration of the spotter airplane. He would have done as much damage or more with the radar.


  17. Ah. This bring back memories of OBT era, where the only tool you have to hunt DD and torp spot is plane and hydro. ( Dream scenario for DD player for sure. But….. there plenty of CV during that period so your DD live won’t be less stressful than current one) 😉

  18. Hmmmm….. Das geht , meiner Meinung nach, mit der Henry besser

  19. The DM evolution. The new DM characteristics
    Long range sniping
    Border humping
    BBQ The BBs
    Think DDs, capture points and terrain (importantly) don’t exist.
    Good luck captains

  20. Whole game out of position, dmg done on 2-3 BBs. Thats terrible build IMO. Theres nothing here that radar DM would not done and its pretty normal battle with high dmg. Also i would reccomend reload module over range. And from about 8min thats perfect DM gameplay, bottom to BBs at 10-13 range, using your DPM when Priority target shows you 4-5 ships aiming at your position you just disappear, if you cant just use radar.

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