OmoNOMNOM is either Great or Dead – World of Warships

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Tier 6 IJN cruiser Omono is extremely lightly armored and thus can have situations where you just explode. If you can, however, not get hit and explode, you might just get a decent result with it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. i was about to watch older vids on the moment when notification popped up but thats good too, thanks Flambass

  2. I wasn’t expecting that boom in the first clip, though I found the situation fishy

    • Not suspicious at all, this ship has awful armour and the AP on the Coronel Bolognesi is deadly for cruisers. It’s surprisingly spicy with good auto bounce angles and decent pen.

    • @thegeneral123 It wasn’t the Bolognesi that killed him. It was an unspotted Heinrich which is why I think OP thought it was suspicious. Still not suspicious, but I think that’s why he thinks so.

    • @thegeneral123 Oh I didn’t mean *fishy* as in suspicious, I was like “Yo Flambass what are you doing you’re gonna get blapped with that long a** boat”

      Maybe I should’ve phrased it differently, English is not my mother tongue

    • @Kyle I was actually mentioning the unseen Heinrich and was expecting Flambass to get blapped. I meant it like he got himself in a fishy spot, where he got shells from all over.

  3. So t6 you say? It would be good at t6

  4. I love this ship, i have 21 cap points into it and turned it into an AA and sub hunting vessel. I have a game where I shot down 69 planes against double cvs and another one 65. I give up some other attributes doing this but I go into matches with cvs unafraid. As a matter of fact I can keep a whole area free of planes wherever I go becouse the cv players will see whole squadrons wiped out with one pass over me and avoid my area the rest of the match.

    • I also now use 100 percent survivability AA/secondary module which I didn’t have with the 69 kill game, I would have had about 75-80 kills but my AA was down to 23 percent by the end of the match.

  5. I actually like the Omono, with IFHE it can pen 32mm. I left it in port with 15 point commander.

  6. I love that this video actually consists of two battles, holding to the title. Great edit, I love it, thanks 🙂

  7. 8:13 “Worried about the submarine here”
    Begone Evil.


  8. Played a game with this ship. Promised I was never gonna play that ship (and line) again 😅

  9. I was a Sonar Tech in the U.S. Navy. When you have SONAR, you should be able to detect and easily hold contact of submarines from this era at 5000 yards (4500 meters). Except when they are shielded by land masses. What’s wrong with War Gaming, anyhow?

    • Everything. Fucking everything.

    • Those two words, War Gaming.

    • I think ur confusing real world with video game world

    • @johnfrank tullo I’m not confusing anything. i am also a programmer for over 30 years and it would not have been so difficult to make the game more realistic and therefore more fun. Subs that were detected could deploy countermeasures to combat detection and confuse the approaching enemy. That would be fun. Maybe you are the one that has a closed mind so they can always feel they are right about everything!

    • @Mickk Emrys Yeah, I think it would improve the game a lot by having some reality involved. Like countermeasures from submarines following detection to confuse the sonar returns. Let subs hide behind islands. Lots more strategy then.

  10. I love the low/mid tier JP CRS, good fun.

  11. Seems to just be a nerfed Myoko. Not all doom and gloom considering how good the Myoko is, but still a bit baffling as to what this ship is supposed to do that the heavy cruiser doesn’t just do better.

  12. Aviation Enthusiast

    That sub was on surface bro cus he was out of diving capacity

  13. Not gonna lie, I did enjoy playin this ship. Shouldn’t have worked but did.

  14. Surprised you didn’t describe the ship as feast or famine.

  15. Omono is the best ship in that tech tree imo. If you are looking at that line, just stop there. Save yourself the pain and anguish.

  16. CesarinPillin Gaming

    It gets worse when you get the Tier 8 one.

  17. Stup*d question: how do you change the “salvo” view between shells and torps? I know if you press Z you can follow your salvo but don’t know how to change which shell or torp to follow.

  18. i’m surprised WG hasn’t included cloaking devices on fragile ships, like this one. thank you for posting …..

  19. Which line get the best Cruiser?

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