On the Wings of RNG – World of Warships

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I usually complain that RNG screws me over but this time it might have saved me. Ofc you could argue that there were plenty more occasion beforehand where it did NOT go my way but there was 1 crucial occasion where it did.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I have had whole Hindenburg games spamming HE with like 200 hits with no fires. Rng works in mysterious ways.

    • Yeah RNG can REALLY troll you sometimes…
      I’m getting flashbacks from an Azuma game i had not to long ago with 93 hits and 0 fires… Or a Renown ’43 game where i was forced to shoot he all game and somehow after 37 hits got 1 fire, right at the end, getting insta dcp’d….

  2. Have to say it again: You need a mic blow protection. 🙂

  3. That enemy flat top going under was also pretty important. =^[.]^=

  4. Flambass CV main ! Don’t deny it, you enjoy playing those ! 😄

  5. 14:33 WG detected that something is going wrong with a CV.
    15:27 WG activates the CV good RNG Luck package.

  6. An amazing win but I don’t understand why 2/3rds of the game was spent on 3BBs, 2 with overlapping AA.

  7. 12:42 I would tell your team to get UP there and kill those 4 battle ships.

  8. Why were you attacking all the ships with the god AA?
    While there in the south were perfect fine targets with mediocre AA…
    No wonder you couldnt launch full strikes not even 7 minutes in…

  9. Only going to spot the DD after most of the team next to it died, because the CV wanted to focus on the ship with the strongest AA in the match is kinda depressing to watch.
    When you play anything else then the CV things like this are absolutly infuriating.
    I also dont wish flambass bad luck, on the other side who honestly wishes a CV to have good RNG?

    • Spot on with your assessment. Harassing the Colorado instead of just spotting the dd and zara that were hammering the remaining team mates. Colorado was out of position to do much of anything without the spotting of dd and zara.

  10. You could support your DDs to help them sink the opposing ones and have the game snowball into a victory from there.
    Or you could farm the BBs in the corner…

  11. a cv video. perfect because I could use a nap.

  12. Does Wargaming know that Fairy Barracuda’s could never have taken off or landed on HMS Furious?

  13. Flambass receiving more flak in the comments section than he did from that Colorado

  14. 00:59 “Agincourt gets no AA? ” Rule #1 for CV’s is to know which ships have weak or no AA. FYI Agincourt and Rio de Janeiro have no AA. Being a WoWS Beta player one would know that fact. 😉😀01:12 “Agincourt gets any secondaries?” DUDE! 😲I take it you have never played the Agincourt? If secondary spec’d, it is one of the meanest tier 5 BB’s. Only the GC puts the Agincourt to shame in matches. But a WoWS Beta player would know that fact about the Agincourt. 😉

  15. Between the ways Rng and the game nerf cvs they are the weakest ship in the game ! even subs have better torps ! better rng then cv ! Most do not know this because they do not play CV or where around before the rework !

  16. nice farm bbs dont worrie about dd till too l8

  17. Agincort doesn’t have AA but have the best secondaries at tier 5.

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