Once in a while 9 KILLS Musashi || World of Warships

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  1. Nice, no kill steals just shooting targets that needed an AP injection.

  2. nichts besonderes

  3. Ok now scream all together!! NERF MUSASHI !!!

    • Not the musashis fault the other team didn’t pulverize him, considering the amount of broadsides he gave them, as well as single fire repairs. He had a nice and lucky run 🙂

    • +Bucken clearly no map awareness and giving so much broadside,why my Musashi does not work like this

  4. Uchuu senkan Muuuusaaaaashiiiiiii

  5. Sails into other ship, calls HIM an idiot. GG

  6. I noticed musashi is no more purchasable in arsenal since 8.0, that was stunning… why did they do that ? ?
    OP for a t9, I assume (a bit), but stop to sell it for coal, I don’t understand that…

  7. Proute Proute Feraillette

    I think there are to much replay of musashi and yamato on this channel but not montana and conqueror

  8. why do you seem to have so little views lately? is YouTube messing with you?

  9. STOP SCROLLING, it hurts m’eyes so much damn…
    The shooting was nice, good game n’all, but some moments were painful to watch because of the camera…

  10. Nerfe battleships!!!

  11. Musashi.

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