One of my ALL TIME favorite cruisers in World of Warships

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Marseille is like a cruiser version of JB, there is nothing to dislike about it. Ofc it could have stronger bow and torps but that would turn it into tier 12 at minimum. Every once in a while I go back to my old acc and drop a match in some of these great ships and it is such a pleasant experience.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Marseille is very fun to play, especially if you catch a broadside BB by surprise

  2. Marseille is super underrated, it’s almost criminal.

  3. That enemy Santander apparently did some business! 1,408 exp on the losing side. =^[.]^=

  4. GG to that Regolo

  5. he makes it all look so easy . . . 😚

  6. Props to Regolo for killing Haku!

  7. I really enjoy watching your game.

  8. How do you play her the best?

  9. Great game Flambass. B) The Marseille is my favorite T10 cruiser for just pure gun power. As a BB main myself, it definitely feels like a Jean Bart as a cruiser. If you like bow-in tanking gameplay, Marseille can easily be your muse. It’s also in a weird spot between being mediocre and overpowered. The key to unlocking this cruiser’s true power is being really good at reading the flow of a battle. If you can push the right place at the right time, it can slice an enemy team apart putting them in disarray. Marseille is an expert at spearheading a flank but it’s also easy for the enemy to punish/kill it for getting the timing/positioning wrong. The only wild card is will your team utilize your efforts and smash the enemy while they’re diverted to focusing on you trying to stop your push? Short answer: NO. Long answer: HELL NO.

  10. If every time you play submarine you receive several “You have been reported” notifications, there’s some chances you’ll eventually stop playing them because of that.
    If it reduces the number of sub players by even 5%, it’s worth it.

  11. Man, that shot on Colbert was nasty…

  12. So nice to see you enjoying a game in WoWs. The same can not be said for the Colbert 😛

  13. So the “one of my all time favorite cruisers” of Flambass turns out to be **checks notes** Jean Bart, cruiser version. Should have known.

  14. As a DD main my favorite Cruiser is Ragnar lol.

  15. Flambass on an absolute tear 👿

  16. Admiral Prince Eric

    Marseille is one of my favorite

  17. Admiral Prince Eric

    Marseille – The Executioner

  18. When Flambass activates BEAST MODE

  19. As long as there’s no pesky DD lurking on your flank, this thing & vincent are the most fun ship to play.

  20. Impressive! Nice ot see the regalo killing the cv :-)!

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