One of THE BEST DDs to ever hit World of Warships

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Kitakaze is probably one of the best tier 9 DDs to ever hit WoWS. Frankly speaking it is OP and shouldn’t even be in the game along side Akizuki and Harugumo but since WG doesn’ care about balance here we are.

If you want an insane gunboat, this is the way.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That was some amazing fire rng

  2. Hi twitch! 🙂 very well executed btw, congrats 🙂

  3. Some of those tier IX dd’s are super strong. I had yesterday similar Fletcher battle. 5 kills (inc. 3dds), almost 2,5k xp and 150k damage. Sometimes I think Fletcher is better than Gearing 😀

  4. That Mogami had the shortest match in the history of wows. Exactly 1 58 min.

  5. xenomorph6-_ gaming

    I’d like to see Flambass do a steam to try youtube streaming (like, just a once off) or to get his opinion on it.

  6. No CV, no sub, no 50 radars – this game can be good once in a blue moon.

  7. An excellent game, WP. Hello Chat…

  8. Awesome gameplay 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  9. Idk why Flambass switches to guns second after launching torps every time?! Its a sure tell to all PT BBs that torps are coming.

    • It gets to be like inception though…you switch knowing he knows you switched, be he also knows that you know that he knows you switched…etc. also most of the player base isn’t paying any attention to that.

    • @Matthew10950 That might be true but still Rookie move tho. Really no reason to panic switch to guns every time you launch torps, that is what DD players at T5 do, better to stay in torp mode and watch his movement. You switch to guns when you gonna shoot.

  10. if you thought that mogami had a short life and a bad game then check out the myoko that had half of mogami’s base xp and is at the bottom of the scoreboard…like, that mogami sailed broadside and got dev striked sub 2 min into the battle, what was that myoko doing?absolute bots

  11. One time I was in my Schors and got nearly 5k base exp. I don’t remember what happened or what I did. But when I checked my stats on wows stats I see that 5k base exp as my highest record. I can’t even break it nor attempt to break my PR to this day.

  12. Yamagiri – Stealth, Speed and deadly torpedos 🙂

  13. I’ve managed about 4100 once in a Haru.

  14. Flambass sailing DD, always a masterclass and a pleasure to watch.

  15. Hi Twitchers. Also, gg Mr F. A lesson as always.

  16. I actually think that the Aki is a lot stronger at T8 than the Kita is a T9. Aki is a better ship in DD roles whereas the Kita is better played like a light cruiser.

  17. Kitakaze could easily be the defacto T10 instead of Haragumo, that’s how strong she is.

  18. Tier 9 DDs are generally amazing. Mogador, Kitakaze, Jutland, Fletcher. Black.
    With T7 matchmaking, it’s the good time space for dd mains.

  19. i got my paolo emilio by resetting the kita-aki line twice. Wonderful line to play, even on the third time through. Even shiratsuyu is fun when you run the meme torp reload booster

  20. Kita is a great destroyer, some even say that she’s better than Haru (I partially agree with that) but these two are still not nearly as op as the almighty Z-31.

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