One Take: Gouden Leeuw

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Still funny how he pronounced ‘gouden leeuw’ (I speak Dutch).

  2. I got Gouden Leeuw about a month ago.
    The guns are kinda a mixed bag but if you learn the airstrikes you become annoying while having 30 seconds cooldown heal and really good AA
    Love the ship because it is not a standard tanky nor light cruiser,it has it’s unique style

  3. I often use the airstrikes to dictate the other ships movements. You can generally herd people, especially cruisers really well with them. The AP on GL is something people forget hurts as much as it does, so engineering broadsides is always fun. Oddly enough GL is one of my highest average dmg cruisers.

  4. That Sherman in the second game was an absolute bot lol!!

  5. My advice, with airstrikes ignore cruisers, focus on BB’s en don’t hesitate. You’re taking too much time on aiming imo. It’s really a good ship if you know how to play it.

  6. I would recommend “Outnumbered” captain skill on this ship, gets active more often than you would expect because accuracy boost is huge …

  7. As long you can aim and hit without aiming you have Wargaming`s blessing

  8. I love to play it for the hilarious Dutch commentary.

  9. This ship was my first tier 10! I think its really fun even if its not the *best*, and I love the dutch man yelling in my ear to dodge the danger noodles in the water

  10. I know flamu made a video on it but you could do a coal commander tier list?

  11. I love taking this ship with airstrike mod into the middle on Two Brothers. Being able to hydro camp behind the middle point and make sure things are clear is nifty, and the ability to drop bombs over the top of both islands is also fun. Plus, if you have an enemy CV in the game you’ll almost always farm an AA Expert because they can’t seem to leave you alone if they see you in middle.

  12. can we get a video on the yoshino. would really appreciate it

  13. This is my favorite ship, it’s definitely slept on

  14. I generally think that it GL build does not need everything on airstrikes. I’m using prop mod. and heavy AP instead of gimmicks. Not every time u can use airstrikes but AP is always usefull. I always find it funny to citadel Moskwa’s, Stalin, Petros, DM and so on when they do not expect it, because u have like 10,3 km conceal.

  15. I personally really enjoy the GL.

    Only pitty is that I wish WG would give it a 45 sec fire duration, kinda like the Graf Spee. Its not really a battlecruiser, but also not really a big heavy cruiser. The guns are almost the same, so what gives?

  16. could’ve gone ap and shoot under the front turret at the end first game vs the yama. I’ve done it a fair few times effectively. They are Sharn guns, but have better pen

  17. ORKS_Media_Relations

    A passive acknowledgement that a CC who is also one of the best players in the game has consecutive games sided with a unicum division against a team of 45%ers. PQ doesn’t make that happen, but WG surely has an algorithm to buff the matchmaking of accounts they deem beneficial to their success.

  18. Good to see content about my favorite TX, what I half jokingly call the best cruiser line. Haarlem, Johan, and Gouden are SO abusive to people when you’re consistently landing strikes all game. I honestly run reload mod and airstrike mod and open water it anyways. I see why most people don’t play the line but holy hell I love it. And it’s as close as we get to RTS CV 😉

  19. Why is Streamsnipe so easy in this Game^^ ( <3 A. Regolo)
    Talking Yamato: did you know that even a T1 can bounce Yamato-Shells. Imho GL has very good Armor.

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