One Take: Schlieffen

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Grinding through Prinz Rupprecht to get this ship and I hope it is worth it. Prinz Rupprecht is honestly become one of my favorite ships, and may be my favorite tier 9 ship. I tend to use her for flank/cap control with all the torps, secondary, and decent enough guns and find most games I am either winning or come out of them quite well even if lost. She is great for holding down a position, and I think is under-estimated by enemies, so hopefully this transfers to the Schlieffen.

    • The PR is actually a very good ship IMO. The Schlieffen is the PR on steroids. You’ll like it.

    • I actually found I had a much better WR on the Prinz Rupprecht than the Schlieffen, probably because the Schlieffen gives you a false sense of confidence and you tend to full send more and die lol

    • @Jonathan Slater When playing other ships I always saw the German battlecruiser players almost always W-Key and rush to their death… the concealment and secondary’s seems to make people think they can take on bad odds. I think this really makes a lot of people under-estimate them if they see them, they expect they will play dumb and die. It is a pet peeve of mine seeing players take on bad odds (1v2 or 1v3, or even 1v4) expecting they can just tank all of that dmg or kill them only to die with very little contribution to the match.

    • the whole german battlecruiser line is good. my fav outside of Schlieffen is the t7

    • Idk about PC, but in blitz PR is my fav ship, even after getting Schlieffen. AP manual secs, HE auto secs, decent main battery, speed, concealment, torp and hydro. It’s amazing what it can do in a brawl but it’s squishy af

  2. If this happens every time you get a good game in this ship I have no doubt you find it inconsistent.

  3. GG PQ, I was the mecklenburg in the second game.

    Love your videos, watch em every morning at work. Keep it up!

  4. It’s the same for me when I roll in the Schlieffen, which is often because I love that damn thing. Either I do really average or REALLY well when I can sneak in unspotted. “Shitter” is one of my favorite maps and interestingly I do exactly as you did if i spawn north. Get in close to the cap, watch out for DD’s, and then play hide and seek with secondaries blazing. Your team was REALLY strong on that first game, though looking at the team leaderboard. 200k and you were still 3rd? Damn those teammates were strong AF.

  5. Another great one take, thanks PQ

  6. My Northern brother, you give me hope that one day my GK will be great again with its 12.5km secondaries that I have not changed….Seeing your video’s again makes me want to give WoWS a second….welll 90th chance

    • If both are angled correctly, GK duels evenly with the Schlieffen. The extra HP is a big advantage.

    • With the amount of submarines nowadays, pushing into a cap in a BB is kinda suicidal.
      I’m a DD main, but this week I was trying to grind my first BB line and I have to say that now I understand why so many BB players sit at the back of the map.
      In a lot of games there were more subs than DDs

  7. This ship is just like the Paolo Emilio for battleships, very feast and famine. When the time is right you reck people, but a lot of time it’s pain and suffering.

  8. I am so unbelieveably average in Schlieffen. I am generally terrible at torps, I never seems to make them count, and since I tend to want to aggressively support my DDs and cruisers at caps, I definitely go out blaze of glory. That second game is CLASSIC me…

    • Waverley Journalise

      Ignore the torps unless the enemy is on your doorstep. Don’t get greedy and hold your damage control unless you’re burning out. Take your main battery shots slowly and methodically, whilst you let the secondaries do their job.

  9. Does anyone know if WG has plans for a super ship for this line? Perhaps an O-Class battle cruiser with different main guns.

  10. I play Shlif and Yoshino the most. Shlif is hard to play and requires patiance and well use of the concelement. 1vs1 or 2vs1 nobodoy can beat Shlif but you need to pick your fights carefully. Rest of the game you hit and go dark.

  11. Just got this ship, excited to try it. Commander is built for Operations (T6-8 grind) so needless fire prevention over stealth, will need to switch that but otherwise good to go!

  12. How come you never do teir 7, 8 and 9 ships. To be honest I play those the most and have the most fun matches. Also if you are patient and put a lot of cap points in those teirs you can have a nice little advantage over players that don’t invest more than 10 points in them

  13. Ioana Roxana Uilacan

    After my opinion , this ship is good to play with 1 more (same ship) , and 1 destroyer (for smoke ) obviously !

  14. When I can make the Schlieffen work its my favorite ship in the game. One of the few ships I actually want one of those typhoons to happen.

  15. I live the all-in plays with almost all the ships I have, especially the Schlieffen

  16. I’m not usually a big commenter, but I wanted to take a minute and suggest a ship for review.

    Take a look at the Omono. It has SERIOUSLY surprised me.

    I did the missions for the Japanese light cruiser line with the mindset that “Hey, free ships are free ships.” A lot of content creators have been panning the line. Over the last few days though, I started using the Omono to grind the light cruiser rewards going on and have had some VERY good games in it. Getting the concealment Captain skill is a must, but once you’ve got it, this ship can SLAP. I have been absolutely murder on destroyers that stray too near, the torps are excellent for area denial up narrow passages, and it sets fires like a champ. I generally average 60K to 80K damage in it, but I’ve had more than my fair share of 100K+ battles, and even managed a 3 kill, 120K damage battle when fully uptiered to tier IX.

    If you play it right, usually like a weak destroyer, the ship can really produce.

    Give it a look. It’ll surprise you like it did me.

  17. I want to love the KM BCs but they’re hugely disappointing. Cruiser HP on a BB designed to get up close and personal just doesn’t work very well most of the time.

  18. Maybe it’s just me but I think the One Take series in particular could benefit from more focused commentary as it’s about you having one chance to do your best with the situation.
    A bit less like twitch commentary of constant talks and laughs. Us audience could learn a lot from it and that kinda makes it unique.
    Don’t mean to complain, but I feel like I could have watched this on twitch and that’s not what I’m here for.

  19. This ship is a reliable favorite. My go to ship in clan battles. Odd as it may sound if you loiter and shoot in the backfield until you spot the enemy push, your counter push will be legendary. Pirates of the Caribbean type stuff lmao

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