One THICC ol Ship | World Of Warships

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World of Warships is a naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century. Epic battles rage across the oceans of the world in order to claim victory among teams comprised of the greatest representatives from the era of multi-ton marine giants.


  1. I realize I stare very intensely when I fire upon ships

    • @TheSalty Seconded. Maybe some folks in chat can give him some pointers so that he might enjoy the game enough to not just play it when he gets paid to. =P

    • @Talguy21 indeed there are some core mechanics that makes the game a lot easier and more fun. And in a squad it is even more fun

    • @TheSalty My favorite core mechanic that makes the game more fun is Not Playing South Carolina. lol

      But yeah, grab some friends and try that out, Bricky. Maybe one of ’em knows the game better and can give you a crash course that isn’t Twitch Chat yelling at you.

    • Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Bricc looks at thicc enemy ships.

    • Drinking game: take a shot each time Bricky says “warships”.

  2. so Bricky, if you want some MAXIMUM THICCNESS in World of Warships you need to get into some German battleships. they extremely thicc

  3. does he realise he is in co-op mode?

  4. Last time I was this early, you didn’t need to feel fancy to call him Bricky.

  5. Boring, lonely, depressed Nibba

    I for the longest time thought this was a clickbait game.

    You know, because of those ads.

    Keeps popping out everywhere.

  6. Pride of a nation, a beast made of steel
    Bismark in motion,
    Play Bismark you Brick

  7. Quick rundown if ship types
    Battleship: CHONK. Big guns, hp, armor. Very slow
    Destroyer: s p e e d, paper thin armor, torpedoes, weak guns
    Cruiser: A good balance between them. No torpedoes, faster than battleships, weaker guns, weaker armor.
    Aircraft carrier: They stay in the waaaaay back, no main artillery, no health, very powerful but somewhat inaccurate planes. Basically artillery or bombers from WoT and WoWp respectively, in big boat form.

  8. We will choose this WAR ship made for WAR cause it has guns to go to WAR with
    your Wisdom is, as usual, incredible

  9. I kinda like this video, bring more Azu- I mean.. World of Warships! :O

  10. Plays the North Carolina because it has big forward facing guns. And many secondaries.

    Owns the Yamato, and Großer Kurfürst

  11. More world of warship. It was really good

  12. Over-penetration is bad, Bricky. It means that your AP shot did minimum damage. It’s better to use HE shells on low armor enemies like destroyers and lighter cruisers.

  13. Bricky is probably more great at playing wows than me. I just suck even at co-op.
    Great video though! I can’t wait to see your pvp footage(random or ranked battles)

  14. Good aim.

    In a BB thats not french.

    I recommend German bbs for brawlers. French BBs get FAST towards endgame.

  15. Nice to see you picking up the game again. I’d like to see more of WoWS Bricky!

  16. Haruhiro Grimgar

    Unfortunately the only ship-based combat game I have my eyes on is Skull&Bones. The ships look like they can actually move in that game.

  17. Fkn representing my Birth State, HELL YEAH BRUTHA HH!!

  18. Aim a little lower. You’re overshooting your targets. Also, load AP. It works way better.

  19. 2:22 that is what the woman legend says

  20. Not Jaiden Frazier

    This ship looks like the ww2 map uss texas

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