Only Russian Carriers Can Pull Off This Strategy | World of Warships Legends | 4k

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  1. Battleship Missouri

    Love the content keep it up

  2. Hmmm seems OP. That carrier player was a spoon beaching his ship tho

  3. Inspirations: Raizo Tanaka and Deng Schishang with every ability for torps -> Man, he dead.

  4. Imperial Dragon Lord

    I was actually thinking about this strategy last night. It would be scary to go up against a division with people who know what they are doing

  5. All the carriers should be able to select if you want two plans for planes eight planes

  6. I love it. Punish the CV players who sit in the corner all game.

  7. I would love to see a pseudo 899 begone brigade in legends!

  8. the reason this works so well is the thing that takes out the planes isnt necessary the cvs aa its the combat air patrol (unless its the ranger or you eat flack) and the problem with the combat air patrol is its range is bad plus if you recall your squad they will drop aggro

  9. There are many counters to the Russian CVs and if you cant dodge those slow ass torps…. maybe you need to play something else. they’re not OP you just need to play a bit better, next players will be saying a 50K citadel from a battleship is OP when you shouldn’t be showing your broadside!

  10. TOXIC

    Haha thanks for sharing Tommy. I dig it

  11. This might be secretly brilliant on wargaming’s part. If both carriers spend their time tearing each other apart they’ll leave the rest of us alone.

  12. man i gotta get back on with these new updates

  13. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    the other thing you should be doing with the Soviet carriers is pushing up as much as you can because the closer you are to your attack point the faster you can cycle planes out and the more dangerous and deadly you become! you can easily chunk out 100k damage in under 5 minutes if you’re within 6km of your target on the other side of a mountain. it’s literally fire and forget technology and you simple just grab another squad and drop, grab squad and drop, grab squad and drop… it’s nearly endless and tends to push the enemy back. the rocket planes are capable of hitting high damage salvos on battleships as well as setting numerous fires. the Soviet carrier line is probably the most broken thing to come out in the last 6 months…

  14. Alpha Wolf The Pack

    Friesland sayed hi

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