OP DD… Jervis ?? 7kills || World of Warships

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  1. From 0 knot to 36 knots within 10 seconds…just wow

  2. Fallout 4 Nuka World

    Nice Destroyer

  3. got the jervis on live , love it

  4. I got the tier 8,oh boy that hydro with 200+work time,against 2 Shima 45 torpedo spotted and both dead from me,they didn’t hit a single ship,very good scout with 5,5 ditection and 3 km hydro,slow but good

  5. But why he try to sink a island with torps? He dont know that torps are expensive? But nice game but red team was really bad…

  6. 7 smoke n 4 hydro….

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      You did see that the smoke lasts for 40 seconds and the hydro has 3km range so it’s almost purely defensive right?

  7. I got sick due to that vertigo inducing camera view.

  8. Ok, wuts the point 2 play german DD now

  9. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    Nice game play but impossible to watch without getting sick.

  10. Just got gunned down by one of these in my sims “gun boat” from 5km. But this appears to have better guns, torps and detection also had a hydro… wtf

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