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  1. First 😛

  2. silver for me

  3. those first 3 kills were hilarious

  4. What is wrong with WG? They are telling us that CVs alpha is OP (which I agree) and they need rework but they’ve put in 2-3 months Worcester and Daring: extremely broken ships that should be nerfed

  5. This DD is broken! Repair, smoke, hydro best HP, OP AP buillets! I hope they just test whats will be good on him. And old yamato still sucks.

    • TheRafalxdrm it got new buffs, this is 3rd stage of tests. I think it won’t change a lot. All were laughing that it has no engine boost. Yet now all cry even though still it’s slowest DD

  6. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Holy RNG! Those 3 first victims are dumber than the weekend warriors here. Or was this taken on weekend?

  7. thank fuc the music stopped

  8. Gets outplayed – calls OP
    Weekend warriors…the Daring’s strongest suit is close-range duels. Long hydro duration, 360deg turrets, British AP & heal consumable. Rushing a Daring is probably the dumbest way to fight one.

    • They got outplayed but it doesn’t mean it is not OP. Has the shima concealment, better reload time than a gearing or even the harugumo (even if this one has more guns), Z hydro, very decent torps, soviet ships heal…. The only downsides are his smoke and speed. And yet I believe you have more smoke and the speed isn’t that off. It is definitely OP.

  9. ??‍♂️ Daring ⚓️

  10. 24k hp , hp booster , reload time is short , 360 turning guns in DD wtf DD.
    who can fight vs him ?
    another dds have 21k hp and havent hp booster. not good balance ..

  11. That thing is insane. I love it. Poor little petals couldn’t handle it’s fire power…umm there is something already in the Japanese DD line that has an insane rate of fire. Either way fantastic display of close quarters fire power…Christmas present???

  12. this ROF….

  13. OMG…another “Gatling”


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