OPbeda the Fearsome – World of Warships [WIP]

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Kreml finally found the last Bias Stone to become the most fearsome all, Pobeda. After collecting AA, fast turret traverse, quick reload, super penetration and bouncy armour, now he acquired long range accuracy too. Obviously Work in Progress.


  1. If this isn’t Russian Bias, then I don’t know what is anymore. XD

  2. if the ship comes live in this state… its gonna be worse than 0.8.0….

    • Haha youre deducing that from this clip? Right now its garbage tbh. Accurate guns but thats it and only on long range – if the enemy closes in u wont hit that accurate anymore. Furthermore u wont carry any game in which the enemy team has some kind of brain. In other words cruisers will dodge your shells if they know u are there and BBs will angle most of the time. If they introduce it like this to the game I will have so much fun burning them to a crisp with their 3 heals and garbage armor in my cruisers. Not too speak of Conq and Repu and Bourgogne who are also pretty good in burning down BBs. But hey its OP right…

  3. Tooo late, shi is nerft to the ground. Slooooooov turret turning, heals and so on. This ship needs some stalinium back

  4. B1ack Tyrant .1945

    The music… how fitting

  5. perfect balance komrade
    dis is stalinium shell and armor

  6. Watch in 144p for the true Slava experience

  7. russian bias confirmed

  8. Elbough Le Zoreil

    Перфект Баланс… as everything should be.

  9. OMG this ship is cancer or normal accuracy is cancer or maybe both…

  10. SurvivalMasterMABJ Gaming

    Awesome video Twannieboy ? keep up the good work.

  11. Christ the firepower. When you need to perfectly describe russianbias, you speak of the Podeda.

  12. Роман Шундрик

    WoT politics, soviet ships must be op for no brain gameplay

  13. shameless commiephilic sovietorussian bias.

  14. Pbeda/Slava nerfed but still still CV remain op so let’s wait for the russian CV and will see the real russsian bliat power

  15. Роведа still sunk by torps needs buff

  16. when a kremlin and a Moskva love each other very much…

  17. wouldn’t surprise me if someone played this ship on, lets say, the EU server and citadeled someone who was playing on NA server  lol

  18. Awesome music, to an OPsome ship 😛

    Kappa, pls dont hurterino

  19. It’s premium? Or optional tier X of the branch?

  20. what’s the song played un the vid?

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