Opening my Super Containers from the Event ! World of Warships

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  1. could be better . – could be worse…. ^^

  2. skeletaur skull night

    I GET NOTHING ! !!!😣😣😣😪🙁😢😢😭

  3. i got – 50k free exp, some flags and 30 days premium

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I got nothing from my tier X Mainly because I do t have any tier X But i actually got one from the normal system!!! I got a perfect thing for grinding my US BBs!! No less than……100 speed flags!! Yahoooo!! At least I can use my Missouri for the training aspect xD

  5. The best I’ve got? 1500 steel,RIP RNG

  6. Russian Bias always protect.

    Well, I have opened 6SC, and from them I’ve got 300 detonation flags (3SCs), 100 Anniversary camos (2SCs) and 50 Valentine Camos 😡

  7. What event was this?

  8. i got a gremyashchy 🙂

  9. Only 1 tier 10, got 50 camos…

  10. Was für ein Event? Da habe ich was verpasst……

  11. I got 2500 steel… But it could have been worst I guess

  12. I had flags and camo’s….

    And 30 days premium😁🎉

  13. That’s a bunch of Doubloons.

  14. I can’t call these ‘super’ containers anymore. They’re utter garbage. I opened 13. Only 4 were worth anything (7 days premium, 2x 15k coal, and 50k fxp), the other 9 were old rubbish holiday camo’s or flags which is utterly laughable for being in a ‘super’ container. I remember when these rewards actually were ‘super’ but they just aren’t anymore, WG has watered them down with useless garbage.

  15. I only have 3 tier Xs. I got 50 wows camo, 50 la fheile camos, and 100 india delta flags. On my way to 4th SC. Im still grinding Amagi.

  16. I got 23SC from T10 +2SC from daily conteners and i got 15k x 2 coal +1500steal+ trash camo and signals. The worst drop ever. THX WG.

  17. Got 15k coal. Then for anniversary campaign got 14 days of premium

  18. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    I only got 15,000 coal. I only have 1 tier 10 ships now.
    But does this mean SC has very little chance for 15 million credits? I mean even doubloons are more common.

  19. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    I never ever got ANY ship in a SC. Now opened 14 SC: Just prem time (2x7days), tons of not too useful camos and XP grinding flags (useless). No quality SC for me lately. I do not know if WG is saving money here? I still wait for THE supercontainer with the Michael Kutusov….

  20. From 5 Supercontainers I only got flags. Rng ftw…

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