Opening the Super Containers from 5 Years World of Warships Anniversary!

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  1. Arxontas eisai

  2. alot of people complain with what they get. they dont get a ship, they get mad. they get flags, they get mad, they get camos, they get mad. but, every single time you have a WG stream or a streamer, they ask for codes. so, people only want free stuff, and still they get mad for a game in wich they dont need to pay anything for it. yes, i got 36 super from the ship i grind to tier 10. no i didnt get a ship ( my missoury still runs away ) but got alot of flags that i need, camos that i need, some steel, not going to say now much, coal, about 45k, and 2 months of premium to add to my already 200 days, since i bought the 365 day in december. be happy with what you get, its for free.

    • I’m just gutted i’m only at Tier iX, but i am happy with what they are doing. I have never concentrated on one line, i have flitted between them to try and find what i enjoy, so far have enjoyed Kitakaze and Bismarck, which i disliked till i upgraded and got the captain to 14 points then it became so much fun.

  3. nice one my brother and i only got flags out of my 6 super containers

  4. ty chaos machine cr

  5. Nice, congrats Chaos and thanks for sharing 🙂 <3

  6. Sorry about the noob question, but how do i get those supercontainers ? i logged in and didnt get any!

  7. Asashio Unbelievable Thiss! I opened 15 supers, got 30k coal and 6k steel, can’t complain to be honest.

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