Operation Aegis Cleveland 308k damage 10 kills 45 citadels – World of Warships

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Operation Cleveland 308k 10 kills 45 citadels
YanLihua VI Cleveland

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    странный батл.непонятный расклад толи новый режим .как будто с ботами бодались либо командой мечты.

  2. i am going to deinstall my game

  3. Gareth Fairclough

    Quad citadel with HE. Now I’ve seen it all!

    And ends with him taking a torp he could easily have dodged. Oh well.

  4. I got 45 cits with my cleve….except it took me about 45 battles lol

  5. Eins der besten Schiffe im Spiel……

  6. Callsign: Fieters

    That end though-… ^^

  7. Good tactics

  8. That torp at the end could have been easily dodged…

  9. Rafael Hörnschemeyer

    Wie heißt eigentlich der Song von dem Outro? Finde den mega geil.

  10. i have some 30+ citadel 300k damage of same map Leander.

  11. I find that hard to believe… a quad HE cit?

  12. Yeah the torpbeat wasnt found today..bot Torpedo Hits could had been avoided. Dunno y he did that.

  13. Not so difficult when you’re playing Bots and every ship is showing a broadside.

  14. Hey Panzer, thanks for uploading my replay 🙂
    I played Aegis quite a lot last week. It is definately the easiest operation with very decent earning.
    And it suits all t5 and t6 crusiers, so it is a good way to pass through those instead of grinding in random battles.

  15. 45 citadels? WTF?

  16. I’m surprised that the bots didn’t target him while he was going north. He was lobbing shells with no resistance. Good fight though.

  17. really could have dodge the torp in the end

  18. He could have done a better job at dodging torpedoes especially he could have dodged the Torpedos in the end and he could have done more damage if he had dodge those torpedoes.

  19. with all the HE shells he received and didnt got set on fire, plus almost no one of the second wave shot at him, RNG really was on his side, me in my Cleveland would had been dead by then already !

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