Operation: Cherry Blossom | World of Warships

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In the previous episode of Developer Diaries, we’ve promised to tell you more about “Cherry Blossom” scenario in next video. We keep our promise, so you can find more history about this operation.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    The first night operation in World of Warships!
    What do you think about it? Would it be fun?

  2. Was this inspired by the naval battle of Bougainville.

  3. It does have a degree of difficulty, but it is an interesting operation.

  4. YASEN

  5. Realy realy GOD JOB !! ???

  6. Give us Narai back

  7. Operation Narai when?
    Operation T8 Axis when?
    Operation T9 when?

    • You aren’t satisfied with this operation? You must be really miserable irl.

    • Karachaguy Patinyasak

      This is good but for allied only? What about IJN

    • You’re satisfied with operations for Allies only?I am just expressing my opinion to make this game more diversify as well as curious when operation Narai can come back .And did I say I am dissatisfied with this operation?you clearly didn’t read my comment word by word you must be a flustered man irl

    • Give them a time. Who know what’s coming in the future?

    • Karachaguy Patinyasak

      Makes me wonder does WG have something with axis? lol because only high tier Ops that we can play as IJN or KMS is Narai and its unavaliable -_-

  8. Sounds interesting but why can’t we play IJN ships ? Why always only allied ?

  9. I wish we could get some Axis missions. Also the night phase is way too short.

    • Mr Alting I doubt they’ll put anything related against the allies. Lol

    • ThatGuy OverThere

      There is already, for example, operation “The Ultimate Frontier” where you play ijn defending against usn attack… but i guess that doesn’t matter much to people only here to complain and troll.

    • ThatGuy OverThere The operation where I can chose all other nations? Doesn’t necessarily have to be allied nation unlike those like Hermes and the upcoming one? Yeah, I’ve seen that. Played that. Felt much fair too.

    • ThatGuy OverThere The operation where if you make a 1 to 10 scale of hardness is like a 15? While the rest are 5 or less? Oh yeah, that’s because you are fighting against USA right? Complain and troll my ass, that op is pure bias and bs.

  10. Wow…Sendai was like “YASEN!!! XD”

  11. Night battles! Yes! 🙂 Thanks WG for putting so much effort into these operations! 🙂

  12. Since allied ships had this as their night battle, the ijn will get battle of savo island right?

  13. Would be fun to play this mission with the IJN… in fact, would be fun to play ANY mission with axis forces….

    • denovemportem ikr? Sadly, I doubt they’ll put anything related against the allies. Lol

    • Agreed so bad with this, getting so damn tired of fight always against german or japanese.

    • I wish they would do a scenario based on the Battle of Dogger Bank and different weeks let you play both sides. So the scenario would run for two weeks and one week you would play the Brits and the next week you would play the Germans. Each side would have its own set of conditions for winning. Of course, Wargaming would have to introduce WW1 battlecruisers into the game, even if they don’t have a special battlecruiser category. I don’t care if Wargaming calls them battleships or cruisers. This would also allow low tier ships to have a scenario of their own, because the ships involved would be between tier’s 3 and 5.

      You could also have scenarios based on specific parts of the Battle of Jutland, and you don’t have to limit these scenarios to capital ships. You could have a destroyer vs destroyer scenario based on the torpedo attack launched by German destroyers against the Grand Fleet. All that’s needed is for the Royal Navy’s destroyer line to finally become available. Seeing as there is no risk of glorifying the Nazi’s in a WW1 scenario I don’t see a problem with creating these two low tier scenarios where we could eventually play either side.

    • I would like to see a scenario based Battle of the Java Sea. If can understand that Wargaming might not want to glorify the late and unlamented Japanese Empire; but like my idea about WW1 scenarios, Wargaming could let you play both sides of the battle. In this case we need Wargaming to introduce Dutch light cruisers as well as British destroyers to pull this off. It would be another night engagement too.

    • Or we should let the operation be two player team (and things will go shit because of shitty teammates

  14. When will we have the operation that Bismark sink Hood?

  15. God dammit wargaming
    Make one for the lower tiers
    Like 4 5 or 6

    • these tiers are a joke. move on to 9 and 10 ASAP.

    • There are a ton of interesting ships at T3. I would even love to see an scenario for them.

    • I would prefer WG do lower tier and higher tier at the same time like first batch for Tier 8,7,6 and second batch are Tier 5,4,3. But WG interested more focused on WW2 operation too much without giving some love on WW1 operation.

    • Lefty Elomis
      Tier 9 and 10 are snoozefest shithole, its nothing but back to back BBs and CLs cowering behind islands, making the same mistakes as tier 2-8 but now you lose even worse and it sucks your funds away.
      Not to mention its a boring grindfest even getting there in the first place.

  16. Enrique O. Medina

    How bad are the subtitles of this video. First time I watch a video of yours that the subtitle goes from Korean, Japanese to English and Czech only and can not be changed with the YouTube options, very badly that, they should upload the video again and solve that subtitle theme gentlemen of Wargaming.

    • Enrique O. Medina It’s true, subtitles are wrong, hopefully solve it or re upload the video because you do not understand anything.

  17. *Since im 3 hours late, Im going to try something anyway.*

    *A lot of us players, Hate the way the US Cruiser Shells have to Go into Space before coming down on on what were shooting at, at a Slow Speed.*
    *But at the same time, We need the shells to do that so we can shoot from behind Islands.*

    *I have Come up with a Solution that will Keep the American Space ARC.*

    *It’s simply really, all you have to do is add a Gravity Effect to the Shells.*
    *When the Shell is fired out of the Gun, lets say Clevelands, Its going about 870 Meters Per Second(MPS) and is heading for a target about 14km away. When the shell is at the Highest point in the sky, or in space, It starts speeding up because gravity is pulling it down.. It goes from 870mps to 900, then 1000, then maybe even 1100 mps. This would speed up the shells so much more better and keep the Armerican ARC that makes it possible to hide behind islands.*

    *I know adding this to the game will be a challenge to you all of the Developers, But it would make Playing the USN Cruisers so much more deadly at Max Range.*

    *When your in Ocean Map, you kinda have to play at Max range in a US Cruiser, to increase your chance of dodging in-coming fire. But at the same Time it becomes very difficult to land any hits on Destroyers and Cruisers. Your unable to support your team by killing the Huge Torpedo Threat because you have no cover, and your shells have to Travel to the Moon before ever hitting the water far from the Target. Im asking you, The Mighty Developers, to please Consider My Gravity Effect idea, It doesn’t have to effect all ships, just the ships that Need it Bad.*

    *I love the game, Please keep making videos like these. I’m very Excited for this New T8 Operation, and I can’t wait. Thank you.*

    • Except gravity doesn’t work that way. It pushes stuff *down.* Thusly, any shell that’s fired is fastest immediately afterwards. The higher it climbs, the more momentum it loses and the slower it becomes. When it starts falling back down, it increases speed, but usually doesn’t reach the same speeds that it was fired out at (depends on how high the shell goes).

    • There is a value in the game that is caled airdrag. If you want shells to speed up after being in air for some time, you would have to completely omit it. And that is not going to happen. Although arcade, the game will keep the airdrag for sure.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      That would only encourage campers to be even more passive as much as the underwater citadel on BBs encouraging the scrubs to stay broadsiding. We don’t need more features for handicapped players.

    • Sir Raint
      USN Cruisers don’t have the armor to tank 16, or even 15 inch shells, therefore we have to play safe. If we place Aggressive we get Citideled very easily. Our ships cannot bow tank Battleships AP, That’s why we hide behind island that we can fire over, that’s how we survive.

  18. Star shells? Night? And storm? Well this is going to be interesting!
    And amazing of course

  19. Can you add even more radar cruisers to ruin my dd experience please? Thanks

  20. Wargaming’s cg videos and short films are better than half of actual documentaries out there. WG deserves a spot on the history channel or something.

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