Operation Dynamo (0.7.9) // “Well there’s no need to get defensive”

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Oh, wait, actually there is. Never mind!


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/XDb11G5


  1. You won’t take dmg from mines, if You are going really slowly. That’s the one thing they changed I think.

  2. Drop down to 1/4th speed to not get damaged in the minefields

  3. The real question, how do you save Parks?!

    • You can sort of shepherd him a bit with your own ship and I have always been curious what would happen if you kept him from entering the mine field. However it would take a LOT of work to do it.

  4. A real surprise package is the Minsk. Soviet railguns, and you can get it’s mid range aura out to nearly 4km with a dpm of 50. The turret rotation hurts in close mind.

  5. Your Sims didn’t quite get the whole staying in the cone of AA fire for the civilian fleet. 😀

  6. When I had an endoscopy they only gave me a local anesthetic spray in my mouth to stop the gagging reflex while a very nice young lady shoved a garden hose down my throat and kept telling me to swallow…

    …quite surreal…

    • I’ve had one of those in the past, and opted for the same… but it wasn’t terribly pleasant, so if I ever had to again I think I’d just let them knock me out completely.

  7. Popped into it last night after I got home and went into it with my Gallant (thanks be to the Christmas boxes), even with my +2 AA rating, I managed to shoot down, I think, 20 planes or whatever. Smoke and speed boost were good friends, although I literally only got one schnellboot kill. Fun stuff…but hey, it counts toward the “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” achievement, so I’ll take it.

  8. Sometimes I miss Captionguy…not often, but sometimes.

  9. I have a US aa based captain so just refitted the Sims for AA and rocked the 5 stars 1st game.

  10. why did your evac capacity of troops go from 500 to 750? Sorry, Jedi, I haven’t played this for quite a while now. Hope you’re better and more pointy soon.

    • IIRC the capacity jumps when the main pick up circle goes away.

      It gives you extra space to pick up troops from ships that get sunk on the way back.

  11. Soviet as Allies in May/June 1940? Nope. This is evidently some specifically Russian version of history. In 1940 Soviets are still friends with Germans at this point, happily partitioning Eastern Europe together and collaborating economically (read: breaking Allied blockade). In November 1940 Stalin officially sent Soviet proposal about joining the Tripartite Pact.

  12. Thanks for the Sims Tip 🙂

  13. AA spec Monahan, can keep up with a Sims pretty well, only 2 guns, so ignore the pt boats and focus the air. also save the defensive aa untill you go into the gap between the minefields and the planes fly past, they actually drop from the west so that is the most effective time to panic them.

  14. Two AA ships would be ideal, with the rest made up of rail gun dds.I got the 5 stars in Sims at the 2nd attempt with 69 plane kills, although only 2 boat kills.

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