Operation Fun with Rita and Mighty Jingles || World of Warships

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Operation Fun with Rita and Mighty Jingles || World of Warships

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  1. You guys play COOP ? what you think ? should wargaming do more for the normal randoms ( fix MM etc ) or concentrate more on missions and coops clanwars and stuff….

    • well thx man @George Gkavlos so mt7 in fiji is better ops, as in contrast to t6 ops which are now on the server??? or should i try the op in my clevland with max flags???

    • Alexei Wheel today i played like 20 games with Cleveland, Warspite,Q Elizabeth, the Russian tier 6CL,Farragot, the tier 6 American CV,the De Grase, the Duca Aosta, and my friend Cleveland and Arizona, i think the Cleveland, Arizona- New Mexico, and the Russian CL is the best for this ,even the German is good but NO YOLO Rush, stay in the green area and focus ship’s so they don’t enter

    • George Gkavlos well i meant, if the Cleveland was good to have the free xp with all the flags on her vs premium ships

    • Alexei Wheel at tier 6 i think it’s no much different, i think it’s almost the same, the things that make me different is camo and flags, same at tier 7,my Belfast and Fiji earn about the same

    • Co by měl WG udělat? Zrušit neexistující tanky a lodě!!! A především nestavět na bitevní pole proti sobě stroje z roku 1940 a 1950 a podobné nesmysli… Omlouvám se pokud je překlad od google nepřesný

      What should WG do? Cancel existing tanks and ships !!! And above all not to build a battlefield against each other machines from the 1940s and 1950s and similar nonsense … I apologize if the translation from google is inaccurate

  2. Goodness mean everywhere you can see the mighty jingles in world of warships and in world of tanks

  3. For anyone wondering if you have a team of 5-7 you can choose which operation you do. So they were farming these with viewers from their livestreams

  4. Jimberly Klavical

    can Rita get her own channel? honestly, we know your british n all but can you just let it go? (gg – 2 thumbs up)

  5. why do i give a thumbs down ?? rita?? jingles?? never noticed they are there!! What i know is i never heard ur voice Panzerknacker, if u dont want to speak/comment its ok.Your vids are very good, like i told u often before. But where is the point of having others doing a vid with you and they do not say anything ?? I bet u listen to jingles and Rita, they have lovly voices.
    In my opinion this vid is useless, because you have no comment no voices NO FUN !! BUT i do like all your other vids they are funny, exciting and u still make the best intros. Talk to me Dude ^^ have a nice day

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