Operation: Narai (0.7.7) // “The Base of the Enemy”

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Narai is back after a period of being reworked – and while the fundamentals aren’t all that different than before, it definitely represents more of a challenge now.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: http://playtogether.worldofwarships.eu/invite/XDb11G5


  1. Thanks for putting this guide up. Hopefully players will pay some attention ?

  2. Wierd! Why did you guys get so few enemy’s? From the 6 times I have played it, the teams only managed to win 2 times, but 2 stars. The other 4 battles we just got slaughtered without a chance.
    Usually the cruisers got targeted by all the random BBs from the enemy and we stood no chance to survive! Even in the heal area you die quick with all the BBs focus 🙁 This mission seemed very impossible for wat I saw (mostly 200k+ before I died).

  3. Jedi, I’ve always admired your use of AP when called for in your RN battleships. Here however, in the Nelson with a 46% fire chance you fired AP only at all ships? Perhaps you are just like those people who only use HE?

  4. I think what is hurting Narai right now is the 5*, 5 kill mission. easiest way to get kills is to farm the enemy transports south, I have seen up to 4 ships sail south, leaving our transports to die.i think once that mission is out of the way things will improve.

    • Yeah it’s a pain in the arse. I keep seeing transports getting smashed because everyone has peeled off to go kill the transports or the carrier.

  5. That guy clipping you with HE at 3:30 reminds me of an amusing incident in the Halloween ops ages ago… It involved me setting an ally on fire and for them to ignore me begging for them to put it out until i turned pink and the damage reflection eventually killed me…

  6. Re-Class Battleship

    The CV King will focus you the ship hunting it.

  7. Played it four times so far and had 4 different types of enemy ship spawns ^^

  8. Had 258k dmg in the KG V in this mission. Of course we lost…
    CV is good for thi op IF the captain is a good CV player. If he is a CV potato, he will loose his planes too soon to be really effective.
    Also, DDs are not very good, solely for the low hp pool. And we all know how AI can dodge torps…

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