OPG v NADO King of the Sea Knockout Round – World of Warships

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Coming from the of of the , versus . This is the entire matchup. The second had one of the closest finishes I have ever seen in a battle.

Congratulations to both teams on a hard fought round.


  1. OPG No. 1!

  2. OPG and my boi Frat lighting em up.. well played gents… Grats

    • Gents? I respect their skill at the game but gents they are not.
      They need to clamp down on obnoxious, foulmouthed douchebags within OPG before they can ever be called gents.

    • also on the TK behaviour when players dont exactly listen to their commands in game

  3. NADO NO-1

  4. Don’t you mean 0PG?

  5. The interruptions are real lol

    • Also, you can hear the other caster’s voice through Zoup’s headset 2 seconds before you hear it on twitch.

    • Rohan yeah at first I thought that was the case but some times the other guy is mid sentence and shuts up when zoup starts taking lol not hatin I love zoup

  6. that 2 pt difference

  7. good commentary as usual. I enjoyed playing a match against you yesterday in your Musahsi (I was in a myoko / jellybags) and told you to kill me last. I heard your commentary in my head as the match evolved. “Well, everyone went C, so I may as well try to hold the west flank.” Good to know even good players get potato teams 🙂

  8. Ouch. Zoup you kept cutting off the other guy without giving him a chance to finish what he was saying. A bit rude buddy.

  9. Thought OPG was disgraced after the Clan Wars fiasco?

  10. Anybody know which sidebar mod zoup is using here?

  11. Wow just as nail biting as on the EU …. brilliant stuff . Thank You Zoup 🙂

  12. Groz is for AA … lol

  13. Thanks for the replay Zoup and game calling effort. Does anyone else feel, changes need to happen to “high skill” WoWS competition to make em more interesting? Seems to me, most matches are decided 3 minutes into the game and theres very little variation in the game play styles of any of the teams.

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