Outnumbered but Not Outplayed! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Also wanted to ask how long did it take you to get your Iowa?currently I’m working towards the Bismarck

    • PDiddy x258x Gotcha thanks man !

    • Gneisenau is definitely worth getting. Your mileage with vary with the Bismarck; I’ve found it to be a good cruiser hunter, but you’ll have to be sneaky to go up against same tier ships.

    • On console the Bismark is still glitched and doesn’t have the right armor values. So a smart man would go for the Iowa, who’s only change is that it has about 18000 less health than its PC counterpart.

      Or… You could wait for the Missouri and be a GOD.

    • It took him 4 weeks to get it and he hasnt stopped playing it since lol

    • Joshua Jording agreed, but the way I play is BB vs BB without any BS😂. But I still agree regardless. One in doubt: Jean Bart ftw. Did 175,000 dmg yesterday with 3/4 hp 😎😎

  2. Nice video! I’m trying to grind out to get the Iowa.

  3. Spartan keep up the good work your vids are awesome and be safe with this virus going around and keep “paddling them” lol

  4. I believe it’s called, winning harder! 😁

  5. Hey Spartan fellow Ohioan here i live just south of Cleveland in Medina, good vids

  6. Hi Spartan I really love your channel keep going, loves from France 🇫🇷❤️! Just a question, how did you get flags on wow legends?

  7. You really should get that gearbox looked at, I know good transmission place

  8. U and your Iowa… 🙄

    Come on man, there are more ships in this game!

    Try the Bismarck next time 🤭

    • Lol screw the Bismarck I hate that ship.

    • @Spartan Elite43 I hope you don’t think that way because it’s German, do you?

    • Daniel Tilaks / /

      @The Mandalorian The German ships on this are sick ngl literally overpowers the other ships

    • @Daniel Tilaks / / true but why don’t they do anything about it?

    • @Daniel Tilaks / / No no no. The German BBs are not per say OP. An OP ship is a ship any player can get in and do 150K damage without trying.

      That is NOT the Bismarck lol. That ship actually requires an IQ higher then potato. But when played correctly, is a monster to be dealt with.

  9. 6 kills in that Alabama. That guy deserves a medal!

  10. Maybe it’s the Turret Crew that’s getting knocked out, or stunned by the concussive force of the barrage……Guns work, but the crew is chunky giblets….and it takes time to squeegee them off the deck and replace the crew…..just a thought…..GG David!!!

  11. Yes the Iowa, lol great video, I took my Iowa out the other day had a great game 155k and managed a citadel hit on a bismark. Keep it up spartan.

  12. What’s your Xbox gamer tag

  13. From what I’ve been seeing on several pages, you’re losing harder more and more lately

  14. Oliver Richardson

    Every time I’m in the king George v my double turret gets knocked out

  15. I love spawning by “B” on this map. I pull right in and turn broadside by that island in the middle. It’ll protect you and for some reason there enemy team loves to float right in front of your guns.

  16. I’m hoping to see a vid where I’ve killed you. It’s happened a few times. (evildrfozzatron)

  17. What commander Do you like the German BB best?

  18. I just aquired the Tirpitz, and I plan to get my first citadel kills today with it. I play on PS4, but I thank you, Spartan, for your videos that are very helpful in showing me how to improve my game. Keep up the good work.

  19. Any good tips on citadeling battleships? I can almost always find a citadel on a cruiser easy, but I dont think i have ever citadel a battleship.

  20. It has come to my attention that you have the Bismarck. As someone who is grinding up that line, it has become my mission to sink you in your Iowa whilst at the helm of the Bismarck. Love your videos, but this is war!

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