OVERPOWERED ??? The Royal Fire – Conqueror’s 395K DMG !! World of Warships

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??? Fire – Conqueror’s 395k !! World
Player: Jonek52 Ship: X Conqueror
My first game in this ship new personal record when it comes to damage ( 310k /8 kills in Minotaur before ) !
Managed to achieve Kraken Unleashed, 3x Arsonist, Witherer, High Caliber, Confederate, Dreadnought and First Blood.

It was Victory as you can see from the video. Don’t really know why the pic says “Battle is over”

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  1. OP plz NERF ??
    ok he got ignored for some time but the HE Power is absurdly high……plus the UK Heal …plus the cruiser like concealment…….

  2. Definitely OP. Insane concealment, Insane HE, Insane Heal, Insanely low citadel. This things make this ship Tier 11 ULTRAZAO.

  3. WHAT you think about the tier X Royal BB ? you play the Brits ? you going to unlock this beast yourself ?

  4. Montana: I was showing board side, why she was shooting those overpower HE at me, damn

  5. R.I.P Montana! Whats the point playing it? Pls nerf this Monty buff CQ a bit more. It has best concealment, best AA, best rudder, best health potential, best guns! Give it 110k health, 35knts speed so its the best everything in class. Some additional secondery would be nice too.

  6. World of Fire

  7. Wow.
    It takes only 12 seconds to switch shell types? Is that typical?
    2 fires per salvo in each of the first 2 salvos against Yamato?
    82K damage a few minutes into the game?
    It just gets more ridiculous from there.
    WG put this ship out there like this? I feel the Lion is OP with that heal too; witness the one in this game.
    I might just quit out if I see one on opposing team, reputation be damned. I lose too much as it is.

  8. for that ship i am going for. but i still need 100k for lion:( sad for me

  9. Wow. A few days out, 400k. Montana, years in the game, not even come close…sad

  10. Alright, I’ve called it. This ship needs to get nerfed ASAP

  11. Disgusting… Very, very, VERY disgusting

  12. MEGA ZAO indeed

  13. The Conqueror is bullshit. Any ship should require some kind of skill to be played effectively.

    Cruisers that are good firestarters = squishy, you need skill to survive.
    Battleships that don’t need much skill to survive = need more skill to deal damage because enemies can angle against your AP shells.
    Every ship has one strength at the cost of another.

    Conqueror though? Needs NO skill to deal damage because no one can angle against HE, and needs NO skill to survive because no one can citadel you, and you have the stupid heal. You can basically just run around and shoot everything, because you don’t have to worry about either your own angling (low citadel) or the angling of your enemies (because HE). It basically ignores everything about armour angling that people have spent so much time learning. Hope this crap gets nerfed.

  14. 404k Damage BALANCE NOT FOUND ^^ WP GW !

  15. the peasants cant withstand power of that magnitude! the queen approves this ship, one thing that can be said is that it really is god tier leveled stuff

  16. Varun Muthu Subramaniam

    No HE for Rn cruisers?? Just put all of that in the BBs then

  17. Well, this is buisness. New ship, tier X is OP. People buy premium accounts to grind, they buy premium camo, they convert XP, WG makes money. I mean this guy didnt get it with earned free xp in two days… When everybody who pay money get it, and only people who want to earn it trough hard gind are left there will be a nerf.

  18. He played well good job his team mates actually capped though and bothered shooting DDs .. or he would have that epic dmg and lost .

  19. fire damage has always been ridiculously strong. Should not give that specialty to a BB, not when you dont have to worry about enemy ship angles, and just yourself

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