Overview of the New British Battleships | How to play

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A new ship branch is now available for all players to research.
In Update 0.11.8, new Tier III–X British battleships became available for research. Let’s figure out how these newcomers differ from their seasoned compatriots and how to play them.

EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/overview-of-the-new-british-battleships/
NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/overview-of-the-new-british-battleships/
ASIA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/overview-of-the-new-british-battleships/

00:00 – How to play: British Battleships
Indefatigable, Queen Mary, Tiger, Renown, Rooke, Hawke, Duncan, St. Vincent
00:45 – Features of the Branch:
00:50 – Movement
01:10 – Survivability
01:30 – Main Battery
02:25 – Torpedo Armament
03:10 – Good concealment
03:20 – Defensive AA Fire
03:30 – Upgrades
04:10 – Tactics

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  1. Please add more Australian ships

  2. Just Dokutah passing bye

    Honestly it’s fun ship, mediocre to be honest, kinda like flanking support for the team, use their speed, accurate is understatement it’s pretty accurate for medium range, armor is thin so… Flanking and keep moving is really suitable

  3. Please make more Naval Legend videos!!
    Please make one Naval Legend video on Indian warships!

  4. I’m grinding these just so people have to say; “I got killed by a Vincent in a Vincent.”

  5. They are actually not too shaby.

  6. What about HMS hood?

  7. It is worth noting that St Vincent and Duncan now have the highest damage torps in-game, by a mile.
    29,367 damage. The next hardest hitter is a tie between Zao, Hayate, Yugumo, and Paolo Emilio with 23,767.

    The funny part is Indefatigable (tied with Rimulus and Tatra) has the lowest damage torps at 4,200.

  8. Good thing I have Duke of York

  9. Going fast, and torping memes. Pretty fun line to play.

  10. Just in time for the queen passing.

  11. Editing is really good in these new videos. Keep it up!

  12. Cytadele wchodzą ale pancerz jest zbyt miękki.

  13. imho these new BC are really good, they also fit my playstyle nicely. The whole line is great from T4 to 10. I can’t comment much on T 3 minimum I care to play is T5 but for early access 4

  14. Official Boomtish214

    Seeing their torps… makes me wish that Nelson had torps too

  15. is there any code hidden?

  16. I’d like to see Japan and the USN battlecruiser lines come into the game.

  17. The amount of people spamming HE in these has been pretty funny to see I gotta say lol

  18. God save the King!

  19. This new update causes me problems in the graphics, black spots appear in the textures and I have not been able to play comfortably with this problem.

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