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Even the servers weren’t ready for the shock I prepared for chat.

I was playing tiers that are not tier 10, and focusing on regular, non-premium ships.

When we came to tier 7 I decided I must be feeling sick in the head and picked Pensacola. Tier 6, ex tier 7, USN tech tree heavy cruiser.

Enjoy while you can xD

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  1. People sleep on the Pensacola, those 10 eight inch guns are absolutely deadly if you can get the first shots off from cover or on a broadside.

    Edit: everything past 15:50 proves my point, even though RNG robbed him.

    • It has a heavy broadside no doubt, however at that low tier I always found 8inch liked to lolverpen or bounce off everything with AP, having said that murica AP is pretty memes when it works.

  2. Pensacola was the first cruiser l felt somewhat comfortable in.

    • @RC Cola And by that u made a mistake…imho.

    • For me thats Leander. But I really liked the Pensacola, too. Its just something with the T6 ships that got me. Fuso, Leander, Pensa…all great ships

    • Pensa has amazing AP
      its mobility is not good, though, but playing it wisely you can do a hell of dmg

    • @DrunkSemenThrowr yeah but it was trash after the t6 Cleveland. Until you learned it’s quirks anyway. I wound up loving it but it was rough at first. But after the first time hitting for 6 citadels I was hooked.

    • @Stewen W I didn’t say it was a good decision. Just necessary for my grasp of the game 5 years ago.

  3. I love the Pensacola.

    Makes people underestimate you and show broadside only to get blapped by Burger AP™.

    • It was fantastic at tier 7, still good at 6 but these days I prefer the Indianapolis, I just love the guns on these ships

    • @Zin Uru I preferred the Indi even when the Pensa was Tier 7. In fact the Indi is my 3rd most played ship, behind the Kami-R and Minekaze.

    • But those people have it made mistake trying getting close to island from open sea, his concealment doesn’t help and receive bullying from 3 or more.

    • Yep, back at tier 7 absolutely murdering Myokos and Mogamis in 1-2 salvoes

  4. Did you see your DD asking for kraken after stealing yours? xD

    Btw, that´s the annoying of AP, when a cruiser broadside at 6km can survive that coz overpens…and then kill a BB with torps

    • Aim lower i guess. Iv noticed that seems to be the case.

    • DerPolygonianer

      @Jay Werner Aiming lower with some ships just results in more of the shells landing in water and not even getting overpen damage. It’s not a general solution to getting overpens. In some Ships it helps and in some not at all. Provided of course you don’t get overpens because you hit the superstructure.

    • @DerPolygonianer Well Generally speaking and from my own XP, I tend to aim at the SIDE of ship rather then the citadel, Most ships have the citadel in the BOTTOM of the ship or about waterline give or take. And most of the time if your shells don’t miss or fly though the bow n stern, they tend to punch though the upper decks rather then the middle of ship. At least thats how i explain most of my over pens.

  5. Last time I was this early, Pensacola can 1shot DDs with AP.

  6. The cheek of that DD. Stole your first go at the Kraken then begs to have the last kill so he can get one 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • @DerPolygonianer The stats are accounted for by ship averages so work on a sliding scale, worse ships have worse average stats themselves which the stat tracking sites account for. You are right that people get into well over 60% win rates which is way higher than the average number, but literally nobody has below 42% so your idea kind of falls apart there, also you can use the stat sites to look at players recent game play averages so yeah…. you can actually do all the things your saying stats can’t do. You may not like it, but WR and PR are the only real indicators of average performance there are, pretending they aren’t or shouldn’t be used as such is simply incorrect.

      Additionally the sites use color coding to indicate general position in the “pack” which is also a sliding scale, I myself have seen my unicum drop to very good while not playing because the average performance of the player base has gone up that month which moves the goal post. So when a player is a deep red in both WR and PR, that means they are in the lowest group, which we all know as potatoes.

    • DerPolygonianer

      @William Child I know how the stats generally work, but the average will still be skewed by how ships are used and which ships perform better. Then there are things like not accounting for A vs B Hulls which isn’t unimportant for newer People still grinding through lines.

      Also, if 42% is the low point and 48% the average, then 46% is below average but still far from among the worst players. PR in that case does show a clearer picture.

      And yes, you can definitely look at stats per Ship or Stats in the last month and so on. But do most People do that? No, most People use the mod that directly shows the color in Game.

      I know that it is still the most accurate tool at our disposal and that it definitely isn’t useless. But I still would rather judge players based on behaviour then on skill. This Guy was kind of a jerk. I don’t really care how good he is. Even if he was a super-unicum that would still be true. Bringing his Skill into this discussion is the wrong way to go about it from the start. It encourages to equalize rating with behaviour.

      Edit: I should have made it clearer in my first answer that for me Performance is more then just damage or even XP. It includes behaviour and willingness to help the team(-mates).
      I also don’t want to argue with you about whether tracking Stats makes sense. It does. Especially for situations like clan recruitment and so on where skill is really important. I just don’t think Stats should be brought into every discussion because they have their own faults and especially because a lot of People tend to not know how to behave with that information (eg. statshaming, throwing Games because of “bad teams”,…) or don’t even try to get the whole picture. The fact that you know that PR for last month is a thing is good, but some People just install a mod and go from there.

    • @DerPolygonianer Fair points, although I don’t really see how judging a guy on his performance and behavior in this instance really makes any difference. Guy played greedy and didn’t really play objectives at all. Sure he almost had a kraken, but he didn’t deserve one really 😛

    • DerPolygonianer

      @William Child Totally agree on that. He didn’t deserve a Kraken at all and he was a jerk. Makes totally no difference in this case. I criticized him too after all. Just didn’t think bringing his ranking into it was necessary. Neither was mentioning kruger-dunning. After all that’s just conjecture. Maybe it was his first chance at a Kraken or the last one was long ago or something. He made mistakes, that’s it. Probably doesn’t help the community either.

    • @DerPolygonianer The community is beyond saving and really doesn’t exist as such anyway, it’s just a collection of individuals most of whom have no consideration for the rest of the team(to be fair myself included).
      Kreuger-dunning applies to most of the potatoes imo, but true its conjecture on my part 😉
      I only brought up the ranking as a general indicator of skill level, which in a game like this can be taken as corollary for ability to reason/plan/strategize, your first post was basically a boggle at his thought process and my bringing up the stats was to show his thought process is likely compromised and not worth wondering about 😛
      The greater debate on the value of stats is a non starter in my mind because the correlation between stats/potatoes is obvious and speaks for itself.
      Edit: Don’t take anything I say too seriously, I am neither offended nor argumentative in this, merely stating my position. I take yours for what it is as well and should have been clearer in my follow-ups rather than chase the rabbit down the hole.

  7. Flambass plays pensacola after a long time,

    Wg server: wait, that’s illegal

  8. Pensacola and Akatsuki competing for that Kraken.

  9. Nice choice. Now it’s time to play Monty. 😀

  10. “Removed from queue due to ‘technical issues’ ” Obviously, Dictator95 heard you.

  11. It amazes me that the base gun range of the American CAs doesn’t change from t7 to t10

    • Yea and its really annoying. The Cleveland at tier 8 has only like a .3 or .4 km advantage over the tier 4 cruiser. Its annoying cause you have to move so far up you basically get bitchslapped to the bottom of the sea once your spotted

    • @jason Cramer How do you think Des Moines captains feel? I loved both my Buffalo and Des Moines before the Captain rework because I could actually kind of brawl with lower caliber BBs and I could play a bit more aggressive. Now you don’t have a choice but to find an island and make it your wife.

    • Muhammad Firdaus

      Yeah lol. Imagine my surprise finding out the Worcester has more range!

    • actually it’s a downgrade, New Orleans and Indianapolis have longer range than a Des Memes unless you equip the range mod in it.

  12. I don’t play scenarios very often because you don’t get the rewards you do in Random, and results don’t go towards many of the missions or campaigns.

  13. New scenarios would be really nice. Esp something historical.

    • I agree, a historical scenario would be really cool, A LOT better than half assed unbalanced axis vs allies

  14. Devonshire only has that small citadel in the back if I remember correctly.. But most enemy ships are suddenly light paper when you Actually need the kill

  15. It’s always something special when he plays something lower than tier eight.

  16. My suspicious side says “They are watching you!!”. My regular side says “They are watching you!!”

  17. ChatIsClosedNow

    He’s doing the thing that was talked about in a previous vid lol

    Edit: nm he mentioned it right after

  18. WarGaming was like “Give us a sec to adjust your dispersion values, Flambino”

  19. Bro this is one of the few lower tier cruisers I love. Also idk why but St. Louis is one of the few ships i kept for seal clubbing purposes.

  20. Arktos der böse Schneemann

    The good old Pepsicola!
    Also, i would be surprised if this 18:16 will not be featured in the WoWS Best of Twitch clips

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