Pain In The Butt! Literally! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X)

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  1. Are you making a Mutsu video

  2. bandito dat dorrito

    Any tips to hit more citadels on battleships spartan??

  3. Yo spartan you gunna get the Mutsu on Monday? Knowing you and battleships, id reckon you’d carry a team in it.

  4. Thank you spartan for your videos and streams. They teach us how to be proper battleship captains, I used to only average 40-70k damage before I found your amazing channel. After a couple months of watching u I average about 100-130k damage now!! Thank you so much!???

    Greetings from PS4 WOWSL

    psn: ReD__GeneraL

  5. Nice. Gotta love that Iowa. That is unless it is not on your team.

  6. I absolutely hate notifications,but I do check back every day so there is that

  7. An Iowa that doesn’t reverse at the start of the game?!? WHAT?!?! LOL

  8. Just keep going on! I turned my hobby into a living and it’s the best thing. I may not make much but I don’t dread going to ‘work’ and that alone is worth it.

  9. Omg that laugh at 8:47 killed me XDDD. THATS GOOD ENTERTAINMENT SPARTAN!

  10. Great ? gameplay Spartan
    I just got the Iowa and I m using the dispersion build as you ?‍✈️

  11. you’re good bro
    you’re very entertaining to watch and you teach us all how to be good warship captains in this game
    i have no doubt that the channel will become quite a bit bigger
    i just wanna thank you for being you and being you on youtube
    you’re probably one of my favourite youtubers right now
    you became that as soon as World of Warships legends entered game preview and was available for everyone to download, you showed up in my recommended and i’m happy you did??
    the reason all of us watch you is because we share your love for world of warships and warships in general
    i love the history of naval warfare and learning about all the stories of the ships in this game
    but yeah, you’re good bro
    just like i love watching guys like Tbull and The Mighty Jingles
    you’re right up there with them
    keep it up!??

    • Glad you enjoyed! I appreciate the fact that you and so many people let me know as well!

      Sometimes it can be rough working and sticking to my upload schedule but then someone posts something like this and I really enjoy it

  12. So much more interesting when in a division.
    You ever played clan battles?

  13. TUUKK4P01K4 TUUKK4P01K4

    That was perfect example of
    how to play iowa, not camping but
    rolling with teammates and supporting them from behind!

  14. Play some ships ??? consider it coined. Every time I say that I’m gonna remember cracking up hearing it. Love the vids!

  15. Spartan Elite43 hi your videos are great very informative & entertaining my XB1X GT is SCOUSE WARR1OR I’ve added you but I can understand why you’ve not responded to my messages your a very busy but Excellent Youtuber

  16. Thanks for posting, Spartan! It was great sailing with you 🙂

  17. i will not hear any gneisenau disrespect! ? i’ve battled many iowas and punished them with her torps!

    • They never make it to torp range of my Iowa! Even Tirpitz struggles to get close.

      Unlike most battleship captains I know where to aim to still get penetrations while you are charging me. Couple that with the dispersion of My Iowa and the closer you get the more penetrations I get. Those 4 guns are a joke it is actually sad to watch them fly even with a dispersion build!

      I think I have an Idea on a Meet The Gwagon video now!

  18. Did they fix the credits deduction at the end of a tier VII match???? Because I would love to not lose over 50k credits per battle in my Iowa anymore.

  19. Still so funny to see that the KM is not even close than it shut be how big are the schips then 5 KM long omg

  20. The Gneisenau is a good ship. It can definitely tank way more damage than the lowa. It’s a very dangerous ship.

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