Pan-American Cruisers trailer

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Pan-American cruisers’ arrival in Early Access starts a week after the release of Update 12.2
🎁 Play for free on PC! 👉


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  1. This is an actual fever dream

  2. The Kernel Bolognese looks interesting

    But the fact that there is so much wasted potential in low tiers baffles me

  3. See WG, we don’t need Subs Planes to be happy about new content. This line might be a great addition afterall and the trailer was really well made.

  4. omg those ships dance like crazy 🙂

  5. The Tank Commander

    I feel mentally disturbed by watching that.

  6. StarshipEnterprise

    Pan-EU: Domestic products of some smaller EU nation (But mostly Swedish).
    Pan-America: What if they buy a ship from the USA or Britain maybe they get this one (But mostly a fictional variant of Worcester)

  7. Hopefully Commonwealth would have its own tech tree line soon. It doesn’t even have a T1 ship yet. Also there is Russian Commander Vera Mikhailova in the news for Update 12.1 but it’s 12.2 now and she’s still not around.

  8. This video was just as crazy as the whole fantasy ship line this is.

  9. Uh, am I tripping, or did I literally just see super quick gun turrets on ships shaking their sterns?

  10. This is definitely one of their most creative promos lol

  11. WG and WoWS, I appreciate the creativity that went into this, but I’d kinda like more non-stereotypical stuff, instead of the whole party vibe (Which I’m pretty sure is almost only in Brazil and Mexico, correct me if I’m wrong).

  12. I salute to everyone who worked hard to plan out the Pan American cruiser lines, even with some real ships….only for those to be ignored and instead we get this “a little wooster, but not completely wooster “pan american” ” line of ships.

  13. I want the ship to dance like that when I activate the combat instructions, will help avoiding incoming fire

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