Paolo Emilio – World of Warships

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Tier 9 premium ITA DD which is an absolute yolo machine and quite challenging to play otherwise. There are just too many radars, hydros and planes everywhere + subs and other DDs to catch someone suitable for a yolo and actually not die.

Sometimes it CAN happen so here you go.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hell yolo

    Edit you got my old ass cat up and em, nice

  2. That Iowa didn’t even move, man. PepeHands

    • I mean, reversing away at what, 7 knots top vs potentially 60 or so knots yolomilio? I’d say the main derp was shooting instead of holding fire to slap flambino as early as he could

    • @ainumahtar He already shot before he spotted the smoke. You can see when he realizes the “i am fucked” and he then put HE into Flambino was his next available shot. And he did good damage… But yea, needed more.

      Technically, his best chance was not going back but accelerating and ramming Flambino. More change to survive and or force Flambino to angle / avoid the ram and miss more torps.

    • @Ben Jiro good luck ramming a DD as a BB

  3. No no Flambino you don’t have 7km detection! You have 2 km detection with a nasty surprise at the end!

  4. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I know you’re struggling to stay interested Flambino, but I really do enjoy watching your hand picked matches.

    • I agree, I know flambass is tired of playing this game, and all the BS from WG, and I can tell he is over it, I but I still enjoy watching the ships go boom

  5. Mate how TF do you get away with things like 6:00 ?! I would be dead 10x over getting shot by half the enemy team if I attempted that.. Same with the carrier / Colorado – did you turn on perma-smoke IRL?! XD

    No seriously – is there some giveaway when the enemy isn’t paying any attention at all and is tunnel visioning?

    • He does post the good games on YT, the ones where the enemy team does just have 1 or 2 people with a brain don’t make it here, unless it turns into a close fight, but for vids like this, not so much.

    • They are handpicked / interesting games… He plays maybe 100 games in a day on Twitch Stream but only posts 1 or 2 on youtube that are interesting. That is why you see burnout with Youtubers often.

  6. Using the wreckage of the CV to block the CV’s torps from his last drop

    *chef’s kiss*

  7. How much better can it get. Sinking a CV then using it sinking hull as a torpedo screen from its torp bombers lol.

  8. Loved it when you used the CVs sinking carcass as a shield…

  9. Nice Paolo Emiliyolo game. Everything went just perfect.

  10. “I don’t like this ship”, uses its main feature to do drivebys and dunking on people. Ok.

  11. CruisingForMermaids

    …and then torping his own sad pathetic carcass.

  12. That Iowa player is totally clueless. Lets a ship sneak right up to him.

  13. CatOfSchroedinger

    Me: bored.
    Checks Youtube: Sees new video by Flambass.
    Checks time: 11 minutes. Hmm ?
    Checks title: Paolo Emilio.
    Me: Ah. Makes sense. Klicks play.

  14. 8:30 I love it when you used the burning hulk of the carrier to block the air dropped torpedoes.

  15. Another good video. Intense enough to keep one watching to the end.

  16. I wonder what was going through that Iowa’s mind as he saw a billowing smoke screen rapidly heading towards HIM!!! hehehehe

  17. I might have an idea if you’re so bored that you’re looking for something else to spice the gameplay up. Maybe enter in all of the ships you have onto a giant spinning wheel and have it randomly assign you a ship to play? It might make it more interesting if you don’t know whether you’ll be playing the Smolensk, Warspite, or the Mikasa.

  18. Yolo Emilio working as advertised. 😛
    I really like these “stat padding” matches. 😀

  19. How long do you think it will take WG to decide to put magnetic exploders on deep water torpedoes

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