Past the point of no return – World of Warships

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Sometimes you actually pass the point of no return in the match and you realize that you’re gonna lose. It would take a miracle to win but you still do your best and hope for one.

This is probably one of those games.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Been there. Seen things.

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Submerged Yamato? That, is one I’ve never seen in my life!

  3. “Yamato less than 20 km from ennemy ship, YoU dOn’T kNoW hOw To PlAy” – a very good player with only premium ships

  4. What, he’s actually on his seat at the start of a match?

  5. Taking that Somers out was the way back.

  6. Максим Шишлов

    Yamato still beast since 1940.

  7. MyopicAutisticMetal

    That Sommers is living the good life, he’s capping everything under the noses of your team, he’s almost 2/3 hp still and waltzes into your spawn 11km from you with no contest!

  8. Thunderer be like: imma go nose in! Nek Minnit: A10 looks great! Wish you were here! Can I get to the Derpenberg river from here?

  9. You were expecting a Thunderer with a brain?

    • @loljewlol unfortunately that’s not how that works. Numbers are numbers no matter how you get them. And over 500k damage is still a stupid amount, regardless of how they did it. 😩🤷‍♂️

    • @loljewlol on closer inspection I would have to agree that it doesn’t count. He did it in arms race with a bunch of potato enemy BB’s. So they basically just had a bunch of heal buffs to heal back his paddling, then he’d just do it again, 528k doesn’t sound quite as impressive when you look at it like that 😓

    • @the StuffPerson its more like “eh, kind of impressive, but you’re on a thunderer, so like okay”.

    • @the StuffPerson Damage farming is not necessarily a proof of brain activity. 😂

    • @Streng Geheim so true. If i wanted to damage farm i’d just wait til the halloween events. The second event they did it was so easy to get over 2 million damage with the DD if you just rushed the Great Gorgon with torps, though the svyatozar and its reload booster were really fun as well… good times.

  10. In WOW never doubt in the ability in your team or the other team to snatch defeat from the jaws or victory, but to have both teams doing it at the same time?

  11. Yamato flawless comeback exactly the day when she was sunk, she deserved it

  12. Darkness Nighthingale

    Quick question. Why did they neft Yamato AA?
    Used to be 132 an now it’s 88

  13. Thing is, even on T10, people just playing. You know just volly some shells – never think about strats like you do. Games likes this need a ranked system with leagues wich they never really can pull off due to the tier system (wich never really represent experience – just that you can hold up).

  14. Charlie Charalambous

    look how the game ended up… with the thunderer on the middle, and you on the left… just like you said it should have been.

  15. This shima saved the game

  16. Don’t know why you expected a Thunderer with a brain 🤣

  17. That thumbnail looks… Intimidating

  18. I think the old man needs to be awakened for this one

  19. This should be video 2 in a “Drag them Kicking and Screaming” series. 🙂

  20. “I need you to die” That was the most calmest but creepiest quote and way flambino said it.

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