Patch 0.6.6 first Info || World of Warships

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  1. Hurray Iowa/Missouri Monti Buff!

  2. what you guys think about PvE ? will you play it ?
    maybe its a good way to keep some “bot” player away from PvP 😛
    i will give it a try for sure – Bot confirmed =D

  3. Forts back??? Yeah so long scenarios…

  4. since i only play pve when they (wargaming) let me (pvp is way too toxic, thanks to the chat) i’ll surely give it a try. I have enough of those forced pvp missions…
    “you can have freexp, flags, ships and credits…but only if you play cancerous pvp”
    finally pve players get something…sry to say, but the ppl playin pvp (not all but way too many) take the whole game too serious…

  5. when is the patch going out?

  6. well im stuck at the colorado and just hate this ship

  7. Where are the Royal Navy Battleship????

  8. Well.. US-BBs-Buff: definitely needed! I had way too many citadels on Iowa/Montana lately with my Großdeutschland (better Name than Currywurst :-D).

    PvE: I will play it, especially for grinding stock ships to some level (e.g. Roon which is a pain in the arse at stock config in PvP!). As long as you can get money in Tier 8 ships it is fine to me. The current botfigts just cost you a lot of money if you play tier 7+ without premium.

  9. Now the only tier 10 BB that will can be citadel easely is the Yamato. Ok. Hurrah realistic game.

  10. MonkTheWorldTree

    can someone explain more in-depth about bow, stern, and superstructure hp? What’s going to happen when you bring down hp pool on these sections? Does it mean bow, stern, and superstructure won’t get set up by fire when they hit this new lowered hp and no longer takes dmg from HE shells?

  11. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    NOOOOOOOOO they brought back forts!

  12. Rikki Richardson

    i think it would play out intrestingly, tho the buffs seems unusual, on the montana…sure it needs it…but the god damn missouri? aint that already strong as hell atm?

  13. Vladimir VojtaML

    Yeeey more citadel imune battleships that’s what this game needs…

  14. Screw this buff, how about tirptiz? hahahaha! TIRPTIZ IS OP DAMN RIGHT? I agree with the buff if and only if they buff tirptiz dispersion as well as gave it hydro. FOr aa they can give it as same bismarck AA or defensive fire consumbles

  15. I already love my Iowa, Missouri, Montana I hope they dont nerf them to compensate…. I’d rather have the citadel if they do.

  16. Wargame Czirokay

    I waited soooooo god daaaamn looong for PvE in WOWS! I just dream about convoy fights, engagement with land-base aircrafts and moore 🙂

  17. You left out the part where the deck armor is going to get nerfed for Iowa and Montana to compensate for the buff.

  18. I’ve played the 1st scenario on the PTS. Can be pretty exciting

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