Patch Notes May 15th, 2020 (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Jimmy Ten-Fingers

    Not about the update but I managed to destroy both of the Jean Bart’s turrets when we were the last alive and it was so funny toying with him, lmao. He was DEFENSELESS.


    My 2 favorite ships, Yamato and the Grosser Kurfurst

  3. I can’t wait for this update it’s gonna be great!Btw so we can’t get all three legendaries?Cant wait for the Vladivostok for one and looking forward to getting absolutely wrecked by a crap tonne of Japanese torps!

    • You can get all three it just takes between a month and a half to three months to get one depending on how active you are. You can research two at a time if you have premium days which will also speed up the over all grind to get them

  4. I can finally bow tank a jean Bart in a Baltimore, sweet

    • Alvaro Callejas


    • HarmfulDesign yes ur right but, there’s always a butt, but it would help at least a lot, the ships is skinny, my Iowa has down 20,000 a few times to people that bow tank

    • Yamato guns are 18in guns the the Amagi and Iowa’s are 16 inch guns. Nowhere in my comments did I say the you could ever bow tank a Yamato.But 32mm playing can easily bow tank 15mm Jean Barts and vanguard’s and I thing 16in guns that are believe 410mm. If you want more videos so to Spartan elite recent patch notes update or tbulls Edinburgh review and they will explain the overmatch rules somewhere in their.

    • Ok the website talks about Edinburgh armor fro the side overall plating. What we are talking about is bow armor.

    • i LoveDemocrazyy

      I swear to god. Every time jean bart yeeted one salvo I lost 70-90% of my hp. I was more scared at jean barts than iowas. When bow tanking with baltimore

  5. I’m looking forward to it. Keeps you grinding for stuff. Premium supplies and weekly boost can be done in a few hours.

  6. Kurfurst is going to be my favorite legendary ship then Yamato

  7. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything spartan. With work and volunteering at the fire department i can’t stay on top of things and your videos help.thanks again. Gamer callforamedic

  8. I would love some permanent camouflages or modules, probably won’t bother going for the ships.

  9. Oh Spartan, “they don’t want you to throw money at it”. Slow internet=slightly delusional? Thanks for the laugh and vid.

  10. It was my impression that the Patron commanders for the Bureau were going to be a separate line of commanders… maybe I misinterpreted.

  11. If you watch the update trailer, the Greece map has an island that has a rock formation that looks like a broken Spartan helmet…

  12. Wow 39 minutes, we are evolving Spartan army/navy, I cant wait for the update, I want Yamato.

  13. Happy to a few quid now and then for a week premium but man, you’re talking the price of a game for ships and other things. They should sort that out. Love your shit Spartan.

  14. Hey, Spartan. Great video. I do have some concerns about Wargaming’s understanding of project battleships they are putting into the Legendary Tier for this update. They have everything right about Alaska and Yamato, but the Grosser Kurfurst, well I have doubts about if they understand the stats they are posting about that ship. According to what I have heard, Grosser Kurfurst would be bigger than Yamato and more powerful. That is bull. Grosser Kurfurst’s stats coinside with Germany’s specs for Project H-39 battleship which would have had 406 mm. or 16 in. guns, but the ship was to be slightly larger than Tirpitz at 56,000 tons displacement( Tirpitz was 52,000 tons), and 911 ft long. Yamato and Musashi were armed with 18 in. or 480 mm guns, be 1,003 ft long, and a displacement of 80,000 tonsl The only Project battleships Germany had planned to exceed Yamato and Musashi would have been Projects 43 and 44. Project 43 would have been 1,029 ft long, 93,000 tons and have 18.9 inch guns. Project 44 were to be 1,123 ft long, 129,000 tons, and armed with 20 inch guns. I think Wargaming needs to do better research on these ship specs. Other than that, great video and looking forward to the update, even though it sucks that we have to reaquire the Yamato in this research hub, when I owned her for the December to January event.

  15. Poi. POI.


    Ok I’m BACK Spartan!
    What’s wrong with new Japanese DDs? I’ve been gone from the game for awhile and you obviously aren’t the happiest lol

    From PC, Yuudachi is terribly bad.

  16. I don't have a life

    when the update releases its the same week i go back to school

  17. I have yet to make it through the U.S ships yet. By the time I get my feelers into all the aspects as they are. There will probably be another patch/update. Lol Having said that, the new Ferrari level ships would scare the crap out of me and my Colorado with duel exhaust and fuzzy dice. Still though, new stuff is exciting.

  18. Thank you so much Spartan for showing us the update!!! I feel so excited for the update to be released and I will focus Yamato. Lovely vid, keep it up

  19. Magister R'yleth

    I want to shout with joy at seeing GK, but I think I’ll settle for a sailorly grunt of approval.

  20. Ian Stevens-Estes

    Two of my favorite ships USS Alaska and IJN Yamato those are the two I’m going after the GroBer Kurfürst I’m meh about

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