Patch Notes: Russian Takeover! | World of Warships Legends | 4k | Xbox Series X PS4 PS5

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Its Patch notes time! The Next updaye is here and there is tons of changes. New Ship lines, new ships. A premium Aircraft Carrier, Destroyers nerfed and new transformers content! Tons of changes


  1. This will be a good update I think can’t wait to see the videos on things to come will be waiting for your reviews.

  2. Looking forward to zuiho but Still hoping kaga or enterprise comes in a campaign

  3. Keep up with the videos!

  4. The fact that they buffed even the Vanguard AGAIN, but didn’t buff the Azuma is demoralizing.

  5. Wichita untouchable 🥰
    So with 80k doubloons we can convert it into 2Mil GXP? That’s at least 260€😳

  6. So with Zuiho coming in, how long until Enterprise comes in?

  7. Tommy, when you go through the campaign rewards can you have them up on screen please. you power through them quickly and it’s hard to get any sense of it all. if it was all onscreen and you read through that would ideal. like the post on reddit with/without backing rewards image.

  8. Finally a nerf to DD’s hopefully this will help DD’s to focus cap zones.
    Cheers Tommy for the update looks like a good one.

  9. Thomas The Thermo-Nuclear Bomb

    Didn’t wargaming say that they wouldn’t add premium carriers to WoWsL?

  10. Ngl i’m excited for the buff to evil sparks and that handful of alaska buffs. maybe i can finally run evil sparks on my akizuki and deal decent damage when spamming everyone

  11. Teriyaki Flavored Tide Pods

    Definitely getting the premium CV. Hopefully soon they can add the Kaga and Enterprise or Yorktown!

  12. Buffing the Bismarck’s accuracy has got to be a joke, it’s already super accurate after its last buff

  13. Hmm so I spent real money as I bought crates, admiralty backing etc to get the insignia needed to get Bay to 16 as I wanted max concealment and WG say “thanks for your money but we have decided unilaterally that you are going to get less benefit from your spend and you don’t get a choice in the matter! “

  14. as long as there is no HE nerf, I would not spend any money on this game anymore

    • I feel the same way just with destroyers instead of he.You can cover against he but destroyers with 5km detection is absolute bs.

  15. Destroyer nerf is all I read!Please be true!

    • So my destroyer goes from 4.2 concealment to 4.3 or 4.4km… ain’t gonna matter, you’re never gonna see me. This nerf is not news, it equals basically nothing…..enjoy my girls without ever seeing me

  16. Awesome news Sir.👏👏👏👏

  17. Can somebody please tell me how this GUN LOCK works. I always see it in peoples videos…but everytime I have a target I push the stick in to lock the guns so when im turning the gins will not rotate. IT never works. They never lock and sometimes that symbols neve even show up on screen

    • so you need to use certain control schemes.. when you enable it, it will rotate the guns to that location even if you look at a different location.

  18. Jovanii Hernandez

    I love that they are g1 transformers turned 21 2 months ago still have the complete series an movie and a g1 Optimus statue

  19. Pro tip: Błyskawica is pronounced Bwiss-ka-vitsa and
    Soobrazitelny is Sa-bra-zee-til-nee

  20. Bey is getting nerfed, not buffed, right?

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