Patch Notes: The Most Consequential Update In Years | World of Warships Legends

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Today we are taking a look at the newest set of patch notes in world of warships legends


  1. This update is going to be amazing, I’m hyped for it

  2. OMG with the Salem at tier 8

  3. The legendary mods thing both sounds great and terrible. If it affects tier 7s that could the last draw for me. I play most of my time at tier 6 (because that’s the tier I have premiums) and get up to tier’d the majority of the time. Now I could be at an even bigger disadvantage.

    Love that

  4. torp build with blue is going to be nuts with z 46 and gun build z23 with is going to be crazy I LOVE THIS UPDATE ALREADY

  5. Tier 7 is gona be broken

  6. The sheer amount of volume that’s in this update, is kind of hard to fathom. I honestly can’t wait for fleet battles.

  7. Iv been playing quite a bit of legends lately but in the past iv had to choose between doing my dailys and doing the special modes, so a season long brawl makes sense to me.

  8. I only have a little over 200 hours😂, highest im at is V, at the moment. (Destroyers) have not got into battleships too much. Hecks im still learning..thanks on some tips, im still figuring out things 🙏

  9. Steel needs to be rewarded in a lot more places.

  10. I’m split on this. Either the mods is great or it will lead to player loss.

  11. Bro I’m having fun in the recent brawls because of the reload & consumable reduction.

    Hope wargaming keep up DAKA because holyshit.😂😂😂

  12. A whole lot of changes that IMO will make the game more appealing to the hardcore/whale player base, but LESS fun for the casual player.

  13. As a big fan of the Italian bb line I’m glad

  14. Legendary mods are giving certain players an unfair advantage.
    The chances for each player to win and survive a battle aren’t equal then makimg the game unfair.

  15. The space camos are the best in the game imo. That thumbnail actually looks like a sci-fi space ship.

  16. I’m not a US ship user, mainly British main. But I really want the Sandy

  17. You are mistaken on the legendary mods main battery mod 3 legend mod will ger 10% reduction to reload and max 25% additional damage per kill

  18. Nice overview Tommy. I don’t think the legendary mods are going to make a massive difference. The epic mods we’ve got now haven’t made a lick of difference in my experience. I’ve got them all and the only one I’ve installed is the secondary booster on the Lepanto for the memes. I haven’t felt a need to install the rest of my epic mods and my overall experience just hasn’t changed in the slightest. Time will tell I guess but I can’t see a massive change coming.

  19. Bro that Republique space skin is SICK, she gonna make herself all the more intimidating

  20. Northern Dragon is the Pan-Asian DD not one of the Japanese Cruisers

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