Path of Progress | Scarlet Thunder, Leipzig, and More Scientific Marvels

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Step inside our covert innovation hub, codenamed “the Armory.” Recognizing the vital role of cutting-edge technologies in combat, we work day and night to advance them. Today, we’re excited to present new ships Scarlet Thunder and Leipzig, permanent camouflages, and much more!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    New themed events, redesigned ports and maps, and numerous graphical improvements and of course dolphins and new fauna; which visual updates this year did you find the most exciting?

    Tell us the answer in a separate comment and don’t forget to leave your in-game nickname and the server your play WoWs on!

  2. looks so fun! definitely going to have some funny moments in these ships!

  3. Certainly the new sea life/fishies. Though there might be a tad bit too many dolphins around my ship. KM_Superbismarck, ASIA

  4. Permanent Camouflage for Preussen and Delny are pretty nice, they are retro futuristic ship design in similar like in this event


  5. I like the underwaternew visual effects, the fish & dolphins are a great idea.

  6. Ap shells bouncing off the hull is an amazing addition helpful(eu)

  7. Love the seagulls and fishes added, it really does add a certain ambiance when sailing the seas.
    Username: 927k
    Server: NA

  8. I like the update to the graphics of the shell hits, ricochets, and misses and the bow splash.

  9. WELL DONE WARE GAMING!💗!YOU DID YOUR MIRACLE!! I love the new water effects with more splashes and droplets falling from the ship.Also the dolphins i LOVE IT.❤ J U S T is F a n t a s t i c ALL!! Haris_Duke EU

  10. Muy buen video y muy buenos camuflajes ,,a jugar capitanes 😉

  11. For the visual improvements, I liked the addition of dolphins the most this year; Ihaven’t spotted the whale shark yet though.

  12. I really like the graphical changes to the islands, it looks very natural now and the camouflages for the Prussians and Delny and also the Leipzig ones are very good

    Server: EU
    Ingame: xeliasx

  13. I love the new dolphins and whale sharks gives a lot more immersion while playing subs. Also love the sea update watching my ship really push through the water is gorgeous.

  14. I like the new VFX of the shell hits, ricochets, overpens and misses and the bow splash.
    IGN: MudMurfin, EU

  15. for visual change i love the over pen and ricochet visual aswell as the whale shark

  16. I like the new ricochet animation, the effect of the water on ships and the redesigned islands.
    Server : EU
    Name : Ank_59

  17. In my opinion, the best improvements has been the reaslism built into the interaction of the ships and the sea swells and wave mechanics. I skippered ships in the Bearing Seas in Alaska and adding this to the game added a whole new level of realism on how a ship actually behaves on open seas encountering sea swell and wave formation. Would be great to make it so sea swell and waves change based on weather conditions and its impact on the game when trying to fire on a target while fighting these conditions. UserName: SolidRain_2020 & MAG_62 Region: NA

  18. As someone who was always fascinated with Ekranoplanes the scarlet thunder looks really cool!

  19. I keep being awed by the bow-wave splash animations, so resembling real water behaviour.
    Dolphins are a nice visual addition, complementing the noticeable audio improvements.

  20. There could perhaps be a big update coming, so here are suggestions: Graphics, bugs, new ships, new maps, new mode, new sounds for each ship so real sounds (the bigger the ship, the deeper and louder the sound)

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