Patrie My New Favorite Battleship!

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Do you get the feeling players are not adapting to these superships because of user cost vs return

    • thats my problem with it… I got the conde and I’m like why should I save for the others?? you cant play them in ranked or brawl and they cost so much to run… I play conde as a meme and move on

    • Yes, its yet another cash grab from WG.

  2. Seems like more un-balaned ships.

  3. This ship is good at power, but generally, super ships are bad for the game, as SS and CVs

  4. Looking at 4:45 I think you lost lock on that shot before you fired (barely) which might explain the bad dispersion, I’d suggest you review that since it might change your opinion on the dispersion.

  5. That was a great torp dodge at the end.

  6. I will probably get the Patrie, but not bid for it. I have the yamagiri and played quite a few games with it. I was testing how good/bad my game was in combo with various credit bonuses and the final credits earned in the match. It’s tough to make a large amount of credits consistently. These superships maybe necessary for competitive play, but dont expect to make money playing them competitively.

  7. Nice to see a new ship that doesn’t just overmatch everything it looks at.

  8. Patrie honestly doesn’t look like much of an improvement over Republique.

    Sure, she has 12 guns, but consider this: they reload 6 whole seconds slower and have 0.2 less sigma. On paper her damage output is not that much better than republique, except she fires much, much faster. And it’s the reload speed that makes Republique relevant at tier X. Because (as Potato quality explained in several videos) a lot of ships dont have time to angle before the second volley comes in. Patrie looses this strenght.

    So what does she gains in return? Well…. Not a whole lot. First of all, she’s covered in 32mm plating. That’s extremely bad for a supership because it means she gets overmatched by both Satsuma and Hannover, both of which you are guaranteed to encounter EVERY single match. And what’s even worse is that the hull itself is actually HUGE and easy to aim at. She’s litteraly the 3rd largest ship in the game behind Hannover and United-states.

    Now sure she gets a 15% speed boost….. Except it’s a gimped version that only lasts for 2 minutes instead of 3. great! And with her gigantic size and clumsiness, good luck juking shell like in a Bourgogne

    Her secondaries were completely butchered during testing. Too bad, they were very interesting before.

    Now of course all of this is by looking at paper stats, but honesty she doesn’t look like a great supership, especially compared to hannover or Satsuma.

    • @Axel23410 …this thread is about Patrie no?

    • @Axel23410 Learn to read. I said most ships. The 3 tier 10 BBs that are either all 32mm or have huge 32mm noses and superstructures isnt “most ships”. Enjoy that crow when this ship is literally one of the top performing BBs globally.

    • @Danh Patrie, just like Republique, is covered in 32mm of platin which is a huge disadvantage as a superbattleship. So yes, the conversation still relevant regarding Patrie.

    • @nate a you mean whe she’s gonna get bullied to absolute oblivion by Satsuma and hannovers because they overmatch her everywhere?

      Or by Annapolis and Conde since their HE will literally pen her everywhere?

      Unlike what you believe, Citadel potection is one of the least important aspect of a BB’s survivability because it only matters when you make a mistake and expose your broadside. Plating is king and has always been.

    • @Danh…….. he litteraly said in his fist message “most ships are covered in 32mm plating, what matters is the citadel”

      Maybe citadel protection matters more on cruisers, but that is absolutely not true for battleships.

  9. Kinda wish more superships were like the patrie in the sense that its just another turret, some more hp, and its bigger. No random MBRB or alternate firing, just a direct and obvious upgrade from the Tier 10

  10. Let alone a super.

  11. If you are in a clan with the upgraded super ship port option it lowers the cost of the super ship.

  12. Patrie seems very consistent in terms of gameplay compared to the other two super bbs, especially Hannover. Makes me wish that ship just had 13.5-14km secondaries permanently instead of relying on a gimmick to give it the range it needs to survive. I think WGs design of Patrie is really the best way to do super bbs imo.

  13. Patrie gains 50% shell volume but gives up 0.2 Sigma AND has 6 seconds longer reload. In terms of real DPM it isnt really a big upgrade and its way less reliable.

  14. @1:15 (Reload Booster) – just wait for the premium superships (maybe called megaships). It will get a reload booster.

  15. Captain WorstPirateIveHeardOf

    I’m happy to wait for this:
    -they tend to die quickly from my observation (focus fire hate?)
    -dispersion looks okay, wasn’t expecting this tbh
    -no mbrb…sigh

    I may not even bother tbh

  16. Malcolm Seabrook

    The evil laugh after 4 citadels is so good

  17. Glad that you like it.
    Personally, I think it will be nerfed just before the official launch.
    I think, seeing your gameplay, a unicum player will do heavy damage with this ship

  18. I dont Get why ppl think this is a weak ship. If this was a normal t10 it would be broken

  19. It should just have better armor tbh, that or mbrb.

  20. @MAUDRY Silvain a standard republique reload would be alright on it I think too.

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