Pay 2 Win? – World of Warships 2019 Review

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  1. The Game is so sick. But you really gotta put a lot of time into it

  2. Man that intro. I think thats all the reason I need not to play it but still listen to other people talk about it. I love nuance game mechanics

    • Trust me, the way he depicts it makes it seem much worse than it is. Give it a shot, you won’t regret. A WoWs player since CBT



    • @Dome Except secondaries won’t do much of anything unless you’re shooting at a DD without IFHE. And fire prevention doesn’t help that much anyway, especially when you’re faced against 30% fire chance at least in higher tiers (especially Conqueror plebs)

    • Putting out singles fires on bbs i see dont do that and especially dont do that against any rn bb zao henri unless you want to melt

    • Unless you are in something like a Conqueror or the Nelson. Then you just let it burn and print a new ship.

    • @mierzhen in terms of french secondaries yeah but on german its really wasted they already have 1/4 pen, and with full tank build and dmg con awareness even con plebs are not that bad

    • Two torpedoes later. Abandon ship

  4. happy to hear you’re getting hooked on warships! been playing since CBT, love my Fletcher and Des Memes ?

  5. I’m still stuck with the Congo battleship the progression is hell of slow. Cool game tho.

    • Kongo is a good ship. Something to keep in port.

    • @SnapSh0t Fuso is pretty good once you get experienced with a bb. You can REALLY punish mistakes with it. Just have to watch out for the random Warspite roaming around. Then you are going to be in for a rough time. Or the Mutsu. But their usually isn’t many of those around.

    • then, engage premium account if you can. For instance, be4 was dat rougue event, i am still spending those fuel tokens for premium days….maybe u spend them on something else

    • For a beginner it’s realls slow, but once you got tons of games, you get a lot signals and camous for free over time. I started the japanese cruiser at T5 yesterday, I took like less 10 games to get T6, just because I put all the signals and camous on it.

      So the grind for beginners is high, for the veterans it’s easy ;D

    • @Daniel Kerber from experience of fusou i never liked it really the sigma on the guns are not amazing and the slow speed going from kongou to fusou was a huge kick in the nuts

  6. LOL if you think this game is grindy? Don’t look at World of Tanks, the WoWs grind is a joke in comparison

    • Skystalker this is truth I feel it’s too easy to get the next vehicle but it makes it way more fun for me if I can get higher up faster and unlike wot I actually enjoy grinding because all the ships are actually decent

    • @Skystalker Possible yea, viable for the vast majority of people? NO. I will definetly look out for them if they ever appear again

    • @FlyingMan Epic. To bad you have to use money to use that Georgia Xp 🙁

    • @Ras_Dragonslayer High tier tanks in war thunder is an absolute un polished and balanced mess. Everything above 8.7 is garbo compared to Wot, but below that warthunder out shines Wot in my opinnion

  7. Psshh, you WISH you were moving into Mediocre Village, scrub!

    • Robert Redmon I don’t know if you’re a friend who’s just messing around(in that case, haha yes good one!!) but if not, you are a complete dickhead who have no measurable life and no reason to live besides hating yourself right up the Ass.

      Thanks for being a cool community

      FFS!!!! Fuck shit

    • I don’t know levelcap, but I have watched his content consistently since BF3, and some of BrickVault as well. Its just a joke from what he said in the video. I havent even played BF1 or V, or most of the games he covers, I just think he makes good videos. Im sorry i offended you for some reason.

  8. LevelCap, should see World of Tanks…lol.

  9. haha yea its a bit grindy but it help u really understand all the ships eventually and counters and what not hang in there just stay strong with the micros <3

  10. Do you think your gonna try world of tanks now

  11. Actually you‘re spelling out the solution for your problems yourself 😉

    You have to understand the mechanics like penetration values and how to play a certain ship, then you will become better and better and you won’t struggle to get through campaigns in time or getting the necessary XP for reskills and even freeXP

    Also a wise use of flags and camouflages does wonders to your XP gain as well 😉
    And those are thrown after you as far as I can tell

    So become more proficient with the mechanics and stop struggling ^^
    Even the grind will lessen i.e. a good player is able to get to TX in about 250 games

    • Got Detonated from 1-Hit Cri shot? You got a Flag that make you unable to get detonated on the game for free, 1 time use only!

    • unless its anything japanese, then its shit and youre shit for trying to use it.

      like really back in beta the aoba was king even against the cleveland and its non existent crits.
      then they nerfed it, multiple times because fuck you thats why. so unless am not mistaken and guessing that the dev team most likely havent changed than most japanese ships are pretty fucking worthless besides for the memes.

  12. you need to start using premium consumables

  13. Tells you how much Battlefield 5 is lacking…

  14. the grind isn’t THAT bad. Just strategically use your flags and camos for boosts. Unless, of course, you’re grinding a particularly bad ship in the tech tree.

    Some premiums come broken right off the bat, but usually they’re toned down over subsequent patches. But most of the time, the ship/captain doesn’t matter all that much. Just need to be able to shoot and you can have good rounds in anything.

    I like WoWs, but man, the work Gaijin did in creating the damage models in war thunder is really really nice though. Too bad they have no idea how to make a *fun* game.

  15. LevelCap, you really need to enable premium consumables on your ships. You can purchase them with in game credits, you don’t have to use doubloons.

    • Well they are going away soon anyway, so he’s just prepairing for that by not using them ?

    • @wheezzl
      Going away? Haven’t heard anything about that.

    • @Terrathrax Premium consumables are not going to be removed or replaced. That was attached to failed Naval Training Center than was going to provide ship buffs and WG’s slimy idea to create parity was to remove normal consumables but scrapped the idea when they changed the NTC to the research thing. SO not happening

  16. Definitely my fav game of all time. They just released the Russian BB line which was the last “1.0” line they had to do. The game is at a bit of crossroads at the moment. So buyer beware.

  17. If you think wows is grindy, you should play world of tanks

  18. since bfv is in a sad state i appreciate you mixing it up. maybe a battlefront2 revisit ?

  19. If you think the grind in WoWs is horrible, try WoT… ?

  20. War thunder > world of tanks. World of ships and world of warplanes

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