Peak Team Performance – World of Warships

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This is what peak team performance looks like, this is what you’ve been preparing for, this is the high of your life, this is the best of the best….WELCOME…to gold league…enjoy your stay

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  1. That Hayate just nailed it 😀

  2. With allies like that, you don’t need enemies…

  3. Such talent within so few people, it’s amazing.

  4. “IT’S ALL UPON YOU” is not the kind of shit you want to hear 6 minutes into the game

  5. I loved that expression when all his team dies on him.

  6. Gold ranked, folks.

    Where only the best, top tier players end up.

  7. Maybe not this game but the MM in regard to Radars in Ranked is just broken. Radars are match winning mechanics and when you can get 1 or 0 Vs 2 or 3 the game is already decided. As a DD main this has become my biggest gripe with the game.

    • The MM all encompassing randoms… etc… is useless. Example last match green team… 4 players over 50%, Red team only 4 players under 50%, 4 over 60%. THE MM decides the winners almost every time now. Fun has died. And if the game does, no loss.

  8. Welcome to the average WG game. Enjoy your 1.5 minute wipe. Have to get them quick games for max consumables.

  9. You know what they say: “Off to a cracking start!”.

  10. this happens to me in 80 to 90% of all games. my winrate going down to 20% i guess 😀

  11. Droid Motorola 388

    the fact that the enemy team won with a hayate alive says it all.

  12. Yesterday I had 7 consecutive Ranked games and 6 with teams like this -> 16% WR… I quit Ranked for that day lol

  13. I watched this live… what a “team”

  14. This MM is actually a fairly accurate Fleet & Carrier wing. Only alt would be one less DD for a CA (cruiser)

  15. Got to admit, I was paying attention so much on Flambass’s great maneuvering and positioning, that the shock he got when “It’s all up to you” was sounded, I had the same expression on my face. I looked at the ship lineup and couldn’t believe it. WTF

  16. Lmao the face of every DD player when they hear that line… instantly check ship list n mini and go bug eyed ” W T F” with the classic wipe hand across face also. I feel your pain in my soul

  17. 7:00 seeing this Hayate with 3 kills and 100% full HP, priceless. And BTW, Sherman didn’t “run away”, he was going to kill those 2 idiots who “capped”.

  18. Nathaniel Gritzman

    in 2 mins 40 secs, your team lost both heavies to the same torp dd boat, then lost 2 your 2 dd’s both going for A, in the heart of the enemies territory… the skill on show in this battle…. wowsers. Flambass. How dare you get your whole team killed so fast.

  19. Skills based matchmaker needed, in all PvP match types.

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