Peek and I Take On Battleship Brawl Mode! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. IMO I think the N. Carolina is broken in this mode 40 kts speed and 14 second reload

    • @Kakita Pepita
      Gneisenau’s crap guns are a massive liability in this game mode. Remember, bb’s have dd speed in this so you have to be practically point blank for torps. And torps require you to go mostly broadside which is a death sentence in this mode. Imo, this is much more about shot placement and positioning. I’m not afraid of Genisenau in my N. Carolina at all. The only ships that give me pause are overmatch.

    • @177SCmaro Normally, Gneisenau is so underrated just because crap players or people that dont have any idea how to play torpedo bbs play it, imo the ship has so much potential but is difficult to play.
      If you master it, its the most powerful tier 6 bb by far. About the guns is true that most of the time you’re not going to hit more than 1 pen but if you get a good salvo…

    • @Kakita Pepita You can say that about almost any ship in the game.
      I disagree about her being the most powerful bb at her tier. Gneisenau is difficult to play as a battleship because the whole ship is compromised just for the torpedoes, pretty much her one gimmick. In that sense, in standard mode torpedoes on a battleship are worse than useless most of the time because bbs spend most of their time apart, especially in the current meta that heavily discourages bb brawling.
      It’s interesting to consider that, outside the game, in real life, the actual Gneisenau’s torpedoes were basically obsolete holdovers from a previous era. I’m not sure she ever successfully used them but I do know that, over the ship’s career, perhaps ironically, she took several torpedoes herself. You may not know this, but ships like New Mexico and some of the other older American standard BBs actually had torpedoes too but as range and accuracy of the main battery improved they were deemed a liability, no longer worth it, and removed. Torpedoes, as you know, tend to go boom when exposed to sufficient heat or concussion and having them on your deck of your battleship while other ships are shooting at you can end badly (which isn’t represented in the game with any torp equpided ship because “balance” somehow).
      In probably an unintended way the history of actual torpedo battleships also kinda matches the game where increasing range and more accurate gun fire makes them obsolete except under the unusual circumstances of either some noob rushing a Gneisenau not knowing she has torps, or in some rare case where a brawl or driveby does occur and you happen to not have your torps broken or destroyed.
      I, personally, fall in the camp of not only being critical of that ship in particular but of the whole German BB line. Not a fan of my shells spraying everywhere. It’s most of the reason I barely play Yamato anymore after the nerf.
      All of the that said, though, if Gneisenau works for you then to hell with what I or anyone else says and more power to you. Play the ship that best fits you. 👍

    • @177SCmaro I mean, i dont really know how to answer you so i just simply say:
      Good history lesson!

    • @Kakita Pepita
      Thanks. And, again, if she works for you then it doesn’t matter what I think of her. The important thing is to have fun out there.

  2. Strasbourg murders in this. With its reload booster you get 3/4 salvos off before they can fire back. Out of the 11 wins I think 9 were from that. Plus it goes like 50knots. Give it a shot if you haven’t yet.

  3. What’s the difference between batteries guns and turrets?

    • Think they are all same it just is different ways of saying it

    • Turrets hold the guns. That’s why you hear “three turrets with triple guns”, meaning three turrets with three guns in each. A battery is a word used to refer to the whole of any particular group of armaments. So, the battery on an Iowa class battleship includes the main guns, secondary guns, AA weaponry, and missiles if you’re talking about it in the latter sense of its service.

    • Batteries refer to groups of the same type of gun. Battleships, for example, typical have three batteries – the main battery consisting of the largest guns, the secondary battery consisting of medium guns, and the anti aircraft batteries which are usually the smallest guns. There is some overlap, though, as some guns are “dual purpose”, meaning they can be used to fire at ships or aircraft depending on the shells used.
      Turrets are armored, boxed rotating platforms the guns are mounted to that usually house two or more guns but sometimes just one. They usually sit on top of barbettes, large armored vertical tubes that run down into the ship under the gun turret where the ammunition and powder is handed, brought up to the guns.

    • @177SCmaro oh interesting, guess i got the definition for battery wrong, or there are multiple uses. I looked it up and I can’t seem to find one definitive answer. Either way, those three words definitely don’t all mean the same thing.

    • @Caleb Valdecanas
      You’re not wrong I just thought I might add a little more description to answer the question.
      And yes, definitely not the same thing.

  4. Peeks comments are stuck in a loop – he goes from ‘kill him, kill him, kill him’ to ‘please don’t die, please don’t die, please don’t die’ 🤣🤣

  5. was fun but way to easy 11 games in 5 i killed all 3 easy

  6. Florida isnt bad peek your just bad at the ship

  7. What is the best ship for this mode

  8. Last brawler DeGrasse absoluut beast 187 wins

  9. got off work at like 3:20 in the morning saw u made a stream, and today was a stressful Day and i need some laughs and just chill, i enjoy the stream Ngl it was hilarious and made my day a bit better it’s unfortunate to see you got a potential stream snipe especially with a carrier of all else, like that’s B’s plus cheating like that is just so low like the time i actually got to go against you in legendary for the first time which was when i was off work and you said yeah we can do a count down type stuff I’d literally pause the stream once it show like what map ur on I’m pretty sure it was crash zone and I’ll unpause ur stream once the match is over but I’d certainly just want one match against Spartan lol i love ur content and it always make my day.

  10. From what I’ve seen, surprisingly, the ice breaker ships arn’t doing so well at this (granted, it might be so many potatoes sailing broadside), torpedoes don’t seem that effective (because speed is boosted), and secondary builds are all but useless (with a few exceptions, sap is somewhat op in every game mode). This mode seems way more about shot placement and positioning because the damage is so boosted. Even shooting AP into superstructor does craploads of damage.
    I’m having really good luck with simple North Carolina. She has reasonably accurate guns, is maneuverable, really fast in this mode, feels like a heavy cruiser with battleship guns. The only drawback is you have to be really careful about angling. Like really careful.
    Btw, there is one map that total bs in this mode, it starts one team bow in and tbe other flat broadside and if you’re not ready for it your whole team is screwed in the opening salvo.

  11. I went 11 wins straight with the Gneisenau.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Rush in and torp the fark out of them.

  12. Loving Brawl, been running NC and been destroying all 3 BBs in matches

  13. Watched the replay awesome stream ps would be nice have Queen Aka Shyna back as mod as her old YouTube got hacked she was great mod well played again Spartan 😎

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